July Late Planning Episode 208

Planning Podcast:

Newts: N.E.W.T. Timeline:
July 1-31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
July 1-31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
July 9-23: Mission Reports Due


JMatch 5 – The Quidditch Cotillion
July 18th-July 27th

crafting something that incorporates characteristics from ALL FOUR Founders and/or the Houses they founded

Headmistress Challenge:
July 5 — July 11
Challenge: Make me a drink!
Scoring will be as follows: 3 points for making the drink, 2 bonus points if you share the recipe, and a small number of additional bonus points available at the Headmistress’s whim discretion.
Note: You MUST physically make a drink this week in order to submit to this challenge. No points if you ONLY share a recipe.
Also note: To count, you must personally combine at least two different ingredients to make your drink. Liquid water counts as an ingredient. Frozen water does NOT count as an ingredient. Frozen mixtures that are mostly water (chemically speaking), such as berries, frozen juice, and ice cream, DO count as ingredients.

Welcome, students!This month we will be studying the number 5. This number represents the color blue and people who willing to take risks. As some of your know, many of Hogwarts alumni have this trait, but we feel this number is best represented by Professor McGonagall!”
Professor EaglesFBFan clears here throat and reminds the class, “Professor McGonagall has risked her life many times for fellow students and wizards. Let’s not forget the great battle that took place here on these very grounds against where she led the resistance to Lord Voldemort! Her ability to to put herself in harms way and protect not only Hogwarts but all of the students who reside here, shows the risk she is willing to take with her life for others.”
For this month’s homework:
1. craft something in blue! If crafting in blue, it must be at least 50%
2. something that is risky for you. By crafting something risky you must make something that is new to you – such as a new stitch pattern or a challenging item. Explain in your submission how the item crafted was challenging for you.
Ravelry crafts only.

Astronomy “For the last month of the term, we will be studying the total solar eclipse,”. “There will be a total solar eclipse crossing North America on August 21. We are hoping many of you can travel to see this magical phenomenon.”
“One of the most magical aspects of the total eclipse is that this is that the moon shadow blocks out the much of the sun’s rays and allows students to study the corona, or outer ring. This is the hottest part of the sun and has strange magic. You still must be extremely careful studying the sun as it can be quite harmful to your eyes. Proper eyewear is a must.”
“Your homework for the month will be to craft something to protect your eyes, or something to represent the hottest part of sun.”
craft something to protect your eyes from harm
craft something in cotton or linen to represent the heat of the corona
craft in yellow or orange (while solar coronas have been known to be in different colors, we are specifically looking for yellow or orange if you choose the color option this month)
spin a lace or fingering weight yarn (this may be plied if desired)
Non-Rav crafts are ok without pre approval as long as it fits the prompts.

Charms Jumpoverum
For homework this month, please practice the Jumpoverum charm by crafting something requires you to take a leap of yarn, something that jumps into your project and gets joined.
This month, we ask that you study the Jumping Charm in one of three ways:
1) Craft a frog. We are looking for pictorial or 3D images of frogs this month.
2) Craft something that joins yarns together, 2 or more separate strands worked into a final object, suggestions include different colored strands, different weights, and/or adding a new skein of yarn.
3) Use at least 50% green for frog study.
Please see the FAQ in post 1o post 1) for clarification.
Only Rav crafts will be accepted in this class.

We all have someone who inspires us to be better, to push harder. It might be a family member, a friend, a teacher, or a co-worker.
It might even be a celebrity, an activist, or even a group like the police or military, The key is that these are real people who get us to be our best selves.”
Assignment: This month, craft something inspired by your real-life hero(es). Your story should explain what about your project says “My Hero” to you. Please include a picture of the person/people if you can. Non-Rav, needle-based crafts will be accepted without prior approval.

Family & Consumer Science
For your homework, we want you to try your hand at magical baking.”
Practice your baking skills by making a knitted or crocheted treat. Or craft something to protect your hands from the heat of the oven.
Please see the FAQ in Post 1 for clarification.
Non-Rav Crafts will NOT be accepted in this class.

History of Magic
This month we want you to study the stories and myths of the spider Anansi.”
This month we want you to prove your knowledge of Anansi by exploring either his “tricky” side and crafting a project that is particularly tricky or challenging for you, or explore his spider side by using extremely fine weight yarns (fingering or lighter please!)to illustrate the webs of truth and lies he would weave.
Spinners and dyers may choose either the Trickster prompt-(Fractal Spinning, gradient dyes, etc) or choose to work with very fine, lightweight yarns**
Only Ravelry crafts will be accepted in this class.

Muggle Studies Muggle Vacations
Task Option 1: Study a Muggle vacation destination, and craft something inspired by your destination.
Option 2: Choose a public space, and perform a public yarning/yarnstorming.
Knit, crochet, or weave an object or objects to display in the public space. You must be prepared to leave the item displayed for all to see, and it should be large enough to be seen by the public from at least a few feet away. Your finished photographs should show the object/objects displayed in their public space.
RAV Crafts only.

Elixir to Induce Euphoria
This month we will be continuing our focus on wellness and studying a potion for your spirit. Mental well-being is as important as physical health when discussing overall wellness.
For your homework, please craft something that brings you joy OR craft something in at least 3 different colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).
Needle based non-Rav projects will be accepted. (examples include sewing, embroidery, quilting).



Blanket joining

Jessica- haven’t knit for awhile
Find your fade shawl… on 6th color… Stalled out
Socks for dad

You Spin me Right Round:
Allena lots of spinning

Tour de Fleece!!!
Teams- hpkchc and akerworks. Runs the 1st-23rd!

NK- sw mreino/bamboo/nylon “playground”
Younger Yarn- Faux cashmere

Mini turtlemade- NK rolags, clockwork angel
Standard turtlemade ~ nk rolags, Happy Little Clouds Rolags – ply with Unicorn Guts!
Schacht matchless-
Sidekick- plying hobbledehoy
Need to ply butterfly girl designs batt

Allena – sewing show in 2 weeks

Friend me on Good Reads
Finished: Bloodfire https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17191839-bloodfire

The Office, orphan black, primevil, resident evil movies ,bitten


Vision of Silver by Ann Bishop third book in The Others series

Random Randomness!
Jamberry Nails

Naturally Knitty
Finished putting up the deck!
Allena and family visit!
4th of July
Cake Day!


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