Summer Planning Episode 205

Planning Podcast:

Newts: N.E.W.T. Timeline:
June 1-30: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
July 1-31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
June 1-30: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
July 1-31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
May 28: Missions Launch!
July 9-23: Mission Reports Due

June 14th-June 27th
Match 3: TBA
20 base points are available for choosing Option 1 and 10 base points for Option 2. You may choose only one of these options.
Awesomeness points are available
Yardage points per Cup formula are in play in this Match

Headmistress Challenge:
Challenge #1: May 15th – June 30th
Make something to use at the spring tea party. It can be decor, favors, your outfit, whatever. Tell us how you will use it at the party!
One project per student, please. Finished objects only, please. Knitting, crochet, spinning, and weaving projects will be eligible for yardage bonus points. All projects will be eligible for bonus points at anisa’s discretion.
Ravelry crafts and non-ravelry crafts are acceptable.

Welcome, students! This month we will be studying the number 4. This number represents the color green and people who enjoy hard work. While many of Hogwarts alumni have this trait, this number is best represented by….” Professor EaglesFBFan removes the cover from the frame on the easel and you see a picture of Hermione Granger!
Professor Winemakerssister is at the chalkboard, arranging the numbers associated with the letters of Hermione’s name. “The sum of the numbers is 94….9+4=13….1+3=4. The end result is 4!”
For this month’s homework, craft something in green or something that is difficult for you. If crafting in green, it must be at least 50%. If crafting something that is difficult, explain in your submission how the item crafted was difficult for you.

Astronomy Black holes and Neutron Stars
Did you know that Black holes are so dense, and produce such intense gravity, that nothing — not even light —can escape their gravitational clutches?” “Also, If you somehow got too close to a black hole and were sucked in by its gravitational pull, it would pull harder on your feet than on your head. You would get stretched out — or spaghettified — by the intense pull. You would NOT survive the experience!
Neutron stars are the leftovers of the deaths of massive stars in supernova explosions. These stars are so dense a soup can full of neutron star material would have more mass than the Moon. They are among the fastest-spinning objects astronomers have studied, with spin rates up to 500 times per second!
To show what you have learned from your studies of Black holes please:
Craft in red, black or white OR craft a project which has GREAT pull. Either one that you love so much you make/do over and over and over OR one that you saw and knew you had to make it and make it NOW! Spinners and dyers may craft in the color prompts for this option. Students please be prepared to say how your project fits this particular option.
To show what you have learned from your studies of Neutron Stars please:
Craft something with LEFTOVERS (scrap yarn project?) OR something which you made incredibly fast – under an hour! This is the perfect option to spin in colors other than mentioned above. Again, please make sure you explain how your choice fits the prompt option
Non-Rav crafts will be accepted without prior approval PROVIDED THEY FIT ONE OF THE OPTIONS ABOVE. Please be prepared to explain how your craft fits the prompt.
Charms Anticula charm
The Anticula charm will cause your opponent’s wand to produce a rubber duck no matter what the original spell your opponent meant to cast,
For homework this month, please practice the Anticula charm in one of three ways:
1) Craft a rubber duck. We are looking for pictorial or 3D images of ducks this month.
2) Turn a dangerous or deadly project into something harmless.
3) Use at least 50% yellow representing the rubber duck.

So, this month, class, we are going to expand upon last month and look at great duos or groups of people who have worked together to fight against the Dark Arts. For example, we all know of wizards and witches who have worked together, but it can be more than that. There are those who are not a part of our Magical World who also fight against Evil
Assignment: Choose a Duo or Group of Superheroes or Fighters against all that’s bad as the inspiration for your project and craft something based on them. You can use the colors of their outfits, their powers, their origin stories, or anything else about them as the basis for your project. In your turn-in, identify the group you chose and how the project fits them. Tag a partner(s)–your House, another House, or NQFY/SOS–in your turn-in for a bonus point.
Family & Consumer Science Lave Aridum
magical housework may not be the most exciting spellwork you will encounter here at Hogwarts, but it is likely to be some of the most widely used! On page 35, you will find a number of spells relating to laundry. After graduating here, many of you will have to take care of such tasks for yourselves. You can’t depend on your family’s house elf forever
Practice this practical spell by crafting an item that requires blocking or felting. A simple soft block (laid flat to dry) will be sufficient.
Dyers: Show us how well you tackle stains by overdyeing some yarn. Weavers: use your folding technique and create an item with rolled edges. Spinners: fold the yarns together using a navajo ply.

History of Magic
This hut is the home of a Slavic mythological witch named Baba Yaga. She is known to ride a mortar instead of a broom. Instead of a wand she carries a pestle which also aids her while flying
Baba Yaga’s hut is found in the deep woods, stands on magical chicken legs with a rooster’s head up top
Baba Yaga is sometimes good and sometimes bad. The duality of her personality is our focus this month
For your homework this month we want you to craft something that has 2 distinct yarns or 2 distinct colors.
Knitters, crocheters, weavers: create something with 2 distinct colors or 2 distinct yarns.
Spinners: create dyed yarn or fiber which contain 2 distinct colors.
Dyers: create dyed yarn or fiber which contain 2 distinct colors.

Muggle Studies Muggle Transport
Travel presents a much greater challenge for Muggles than for us. Traversing distance can be time-consuming, even impossible, without Magic
TASK: craft something for your feet, or something you might use on a road trip. Spinners/dyers, work with sock/fingering weights
Non-RAV needlecraft okay, no prior approval.

Muggles think that it was Benjamin Franklin who once said: ‘Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.’ However, the wizarding world knows that it was Albus Dumbledore who said that – he wanted his students to find out how to use and enlarge their magical powers by trying it, within the safe environment of Hogwarts. You see, it’s really all about practice…
This potion can help to enhance your memory, but you need to practice it regularly; otherwise it will be useless. Hence, your homework for June: Practice the memory potion.”
For your homework this month, we would like you to “remember” (craft) a project already made by someone else in the House Cup. You must link to their project page or share their photo (please get their permission if you share their photo). Bonus point if you craft in the same colour family they used.

Regular Podcast

15 squares on my blanket


Miterd square blanket

Find your fade shawl… on 6th color… Stalled out
Socks for dad

You Spin me Right Round:
Allena plying red
Fiber of the month

3 braids from Younger Yarn that still need to be plied: Punta wool- Fairy Lights, Finn wool- Herbology, Falkland wool – Transfiguration-progression

GnomeAcres yarn

Mini turtlemade- NK rolags, clockwork angel
Standard turtlemade ~ nk rolags, heavy on the unicorn guts FINISHED! Started some Happy Little Clouds Rolags that i’m going to ply with it!
Schacht matchless-

Sidekick: some batts from Classy Squid Fiber Co… making a mashup/fractal out of them

Allena – still sewing surprised? Made a tote as a thank you for a friend
Phat Fiber box

Cardio Challenge needs a reboot

Friend me on Good Reads
Reading: Murder of Crows
On pause:
Finished: Written in Red
Otherworld nights
Waking the Witch

The Office, Finished Friends, Heartland

Chicagoland Vampire Series -last book #13!

Fellowship of the Rings- pause
shows :
Bones! Near the end of season 10!
Bein human

Random Randomness!
Jamberry Nails

Madison Graduated.
Joseybug had her baby

Naturally Knitty


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