WOW 200! And it’s a Planning Podcast Episode 200

Planning Podcast:

Newts: N.E.W.T. Timeline:
March 1-31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
March 1st – 31st: Final OWL submissions are accepted.

March 12-26: Mission Reports
Quidditch: Welcome, everyone, to Quidditch Through The Ages!
Schedule of Matches:
March 16-March 27: Match 4: World Cup Showing Off
Base points – 15 base points
Earburn bonus points – 5 points
Yardage bonus per Cup formula
No awesome point bonus

Ancient Runes Mayan Runes
Craft something inspired by a Mayan rune, or something green and/or gold. You may choose a literal interpretation of the rune, like stuffies or an image of the rune itself. Or, you may craft an abstract representation of a Mayan rune. This is open to each crafter’s interpretation, but please be sure to explain how your item fits the prompt. You may also craft something the color gold to represent Mayan rune-inscribed gold, or use green to represent the jungle where the Mayans lived.
Please make sure that if you choose the color option that your item is over 50% green, gold, or a combination of the two.Spinners may use the color option, or craft with any non-mechanized tool such as a Mayan spinner or drop spindle. Please do not submit handspun off a wheel or electric spinner unless it qualifies for the color option. Dyers, please use the color option, natural dyeing techniques, or dye materials as practiced by the Mayans. Weavers may use the color option, weave with Mayan motifs, or create an item using a backstrap loom. Tablet weaving and rigid heddle weaving are also acceptable, as they were inspired by the backstrap loom.
Non-Rav crafts will be accepted without prior approval provided they fit the requirements above.

For homework this month, please practice the Tea-making charm by crafting something in brown to represent tea or hot chocolate OR something that is related to tea (examples include but are not limited to teapot cozies, tea wallet, mitts to hold the hot cup). If you choose to craft in the color brown, the finished object must be at least 50% brown.

DADA- To resist the Killing Curse, revive an old project by making it again.
Q: what do you mean by remake a project?
A: make a project you have made before. It can be a different size, color, yarn weight, etc, but must be recognizable as the same pattern.
Acceptable: I made a small barley hat before, here is a large barley hat. I made vanilla socks before, here is another pair.
Unbelievable: I made a red barley hat before, here’s a red earflap hat. I made cable socks before, here’s vanilla socks.
Q: can I frog and reknit?
A: if you are making the same item in a different size, etc, then yes. If not, no.
Q: does the project I am making again have to be turned in for the cup?
A: no, it can be a project from any time, it does not have to be turned in for the cup.
Q: do I have to include a picture of the project I’m remaking?
A: only if you want to.
Q: what about Spinners and Dyers?
A: it must be recognizably the same ply structure or color.

Divination – Pisces
For homework this month, be inspired by the close relationship between water, Neptune and fish. (Some ideas might include crafting something blue or the texture of the waves of the sea or scales of the fish.)
Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted if they fit the prompt; prior approval is not required. Please read the non-Rav craft guidelines before submitting your project.

Flying – For this month, we want you craft something that is inspired by the early efforts of flight (kites, hot air balloons, or mythical creatures mentioned) or craft something that is inspired by the speed of flight (smaller projects, bulky yarns, or projects that were crafted quickly. Please explain how the project is considered a quick project to you).

Herbology -For your homework this month, craft something inspired by the Silver Lime tree. You may use any of its natural colors (grey, silver, green, or yellow) or the shape of its leaves (heart shape) or fruit (round).

Transfiguration- Your homework this month will be to practice highly complicated spells that require a lot of concentration or has unusual/difficult construction. Difficult lacework, cables or colorwork. Amigurumis. Spinners, spin 3-ply, chain or braided ply. Weavers, weave using a complex pick-up pattern (sticks have to be removed and replaced) or a multi-shaft pattern with a long repeat. Dyers, use a multi-step process, acid dyes or indigo/vat dyeing techniques.
Class Goal: We are looking for advanced projects – more difficult than last month; challenge yourself!!
1. Can I knit socks for this class? Yes, as long as they are advanced/challenging for you in some way.
2. Can I turn in a project using entrelac/colorwork/cables/lace/double-knit? Yes! Bring out the advanced stuff!!!
3. Can I turn in amigurumi? Complex amigurumi are ideal this month.
4. Are fish/hexipuffs/hexiflats ok? Not this month, sorry.
Explain to us how the project challenged you!!

Outdoor Survival- Fire

You may choose between:
Option 1: Practice the bluebell flame spell and create an item that is more than 50% blue.
Option 2: Gather materials for a fire: spin enough yarn for a medium sized project (200 yards+), dye yarn using several colors that will result in a variegated yarn, or knit/crochet an item that is made in pieces and then assembled (i.e. stuffed animals, hats with pompoms, sweaters etc). The item must be complete. Please no blanket squares or hexipuffs for this option.

Regular Podcast

Another dishcloth
Woven cowl



TWSP cardio challenge dishcloth

Order Mission sweater for madi*
Dishcloth- #cardioknitting on the 7th one I believe.
Find your fade shawl

You Spin me Right Round:

bfl, chunky spin
Ombre rolags

Mini turtlemade- NK rolags, clockwork angel
Schacht matchless-

Allena – cut all the fabric. Sew bulk order
got my machine back! Made a project bag!

Cardio Challenge Starts anew

This challenge will start the week of Feb 5th and run through
the first week of April. That’s two months!!
#twspcardiochallenge2017 use this tag when on IG!
How it’s going to work:
State where you are to join.
Make a goal
Take Baby steps to get there and form habits (weekly milestones)
Knit or Crochet dishcloths for everyone

Allena- walk by the ocean
Jessica- 3x last week!. Lots of water. No sugar no carbs, getting easier ish

Friend me on Good Reads
Reading: Graceling –
On pause shadows and light Finished:
Welcome to nightvale
Watching- orphan black, Znation season 3

Hunger games
shows :
Bones, TWD!!! Vikings

Random Randomness!
Jamberry Nails

Sunshine Committee
TKG Knittig by the Sea – annv weekend
Getting ready for homespun and PGH knit and crochet
Women’s day
Lucious got a harness for walking and a shop vac

Deciding on fixing computer or buying new.
Sick kids, ugh


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