Random Redundant And Planning Episode 196

Planning Podcast:

Newts: N.E.W.T. Timeline:
February 1-28: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
March 1-31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
All requests for significant changes must be submitted by January 31, 2017.
February 1st – 28th: Midterm 50% submissions are accepted.
March 1st – 31st: Final OWL submissions are accepted.

March 12-26: Mission Reports

Quidditch: Welcome, everyone, to Quidditch Through The Ages! We are proud and eager to bring you the twenty-sixth edition of Quidditch at HPKCHC as the school celebrates its 25th term and the Nimbus Racing Broom Company also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the broom that changed the sporting world. We hope to give you a tour of different points in the evolution of Quidditch, along with reminders of important moments during Harry Potter and his friends’ time at the school and on the Quidditch team.
Remember that the most important components of success in sports always include sportsmanship, teamwork, friendship, and the fun of competition that also leads to forming new friendships. May we always play hard, craft successfully, and enjoy one another’s company and crafting!
Schedule of Matches:

Feb. 9th-March 2nd: Match 3: Defeat the Dementors
Base Points – 15 base points
Yardage bonus points per Cup formula
Awesome points are in play
March 16-March 27: Match 4: World Cup Showing Off
Base points – 15 base points
Earburn bonus points – 5 points
Yardage bonus per Cup formula
No awesome point bonus


ilvermorny_small_mediumAncient Runes
What we would like you to do for your homework is create something representing the basic shapes from this image. Triangle for the outer shape, water waves, air currents, leaves, stars, or flame. It must be obvious at a glance what shape you are representing.
Or craft using one or more of the colors that would represent the different symbols: blue for water and air, green for leaves, black and white for starry nights, or red flames.
Weavers, please create a design based on one of the shapes or colors.
Spinners please spin fiber with the majority colors one of those colors listed above. Dyers please see the color list above allowed for this class.

Charms Bewitched Snowballs Jinx
1) Craft something in the shape of a snowball.
2) Craft something to keep the bewitched snowballs out.
3) Spinners and dyers ONLY: Use sparkle such as stellina or beads to add the look of snowballs to your product.

DADA- crucio
For your homework this month, craft something that makes you happy, or makes you feel good.
Non-Rav Crafts WILL be accepted this month, prior approval is not required.

Divination – Aquarius
For your homework this month Craft/Spin/Dye something that evokes the nature of Aquarius (Some ideas might include projects that are light and airy or colored blue, blue-green, or grey.)
Bonus Point: Craft something for charity
Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted if they fit the prompt; prior approval is not required

Flying – disaster prevention
This month, practice your disaster prevention skills by doing ONE of the following:
Option 1: Frog a project that you deem a disaster and make something new from the yarn. We will need photos of the project pre-frogging, frogged, then the new project. The yarn can come from a WIP or a completed project.
Option 2: Take on a project that scares you or that you don’t think will go well, and then revel in your success.

Herbology -European Ash
Class, your homework this month is to craft something inspired by the European Ash. You may choose to do something in the colors of the Ash (grey, jet black or purple) or something protective. We look forward to seeing what you make this month.

Transfiguration- Flintifors
Your homework this month is to build on your skills and practice more intermediate spells that take a bit more concentration as they are more complicated and intricate.
knit or crochet something that has colorwork, simple lace, shows a stitch pattern or a cable pattern
spinners need to create a 2-ply yarn
weavers need to use color-and-weave effects, or simple non-plain weave (eg. pick-up, twills)
dyers need to dye yarn or roving using food-safe (eg. natural) dyes, or by hand-painting a gradient

Outdoor Survival- Shelter

Option 1 Create an item that can hold other items. This doesn’t have to be a bag. Be creative in your story telling.
Spinners perhaps you’ve spun a net? Alternatively, spin a purple fiber to represent Hermione’s beaded bag.
Weavers perhaps your woven fabric is really the makings of a bag, after some well placed knots are employed?
Dyers Dye your fiber purple. ONLY purple may be present. Different shades of purple are all right.
Option 2 Muggles won’t have access to Undetectable Extension Charm, of course, and will be reduced to carrying multiple items when going out to brave the great outdoors. For this option, craft multiple things. (A minimum of two.) For this option, two socks or two mittens, for example, can fall under the “multiple items” rule. However one mitten and one sock would be a PARTIAL per the pairs rule. But these CAN be DIFFERENT things. A hat and a blanket square, for example.
Spinners Create more than one skein of yarn! Show us some mini skeins!
Dyers Dye with 2 or more distinct colors.
Non Rav Crafts WILL be accepted this month however we recommend seeking prior approval. A project bag of any type, shape, color, etc will always be accepted under the magical option. Multiple items (like stitch markers) that are primarily PURPLE will also be accepted. Any other ideas, please run past us first!

Regular Podcast



JOining a blanket http://www.ravelry.com/projects/StarKnits/joining-a-blanket-2
Failed order Mission http://www.ravelry.com/projects/StarKnits/snowfall-on-the-mountains-shawl

You Spin me Right Round:
Allena red The Spun Monkey 4oz merino wool
Finished mashup 184 8WPI http://www.ravelry.com/people/StarKnits/handspun/angora-wool-mashup

NK rolags, clockwork angle

Allena – sew like a crazy person.

Cardio Challenge Starts anew

This challenge will start the week of Feb 5th and run through
the first week of April. That’s two months!!
#twspcardiochallenge2017 use this tag when on IG!
How it’s going to work:
State where you are to join.
Make a goal
Take Baby steps to get there and form habits (weekly milestones)
Knit or Crochet dishcloths for everyone


Friend me on Good Reads
Reading: Beka Cooper 2- Bloodhound https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/153779.Bloodhound
Finished: Beka Cooper 1 Terrier (reread) https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13829.Terrier
S0ng of the Lioness book 4 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13837.Lioness_Rampant

Watching- Z the beginning of Everything, The Fades, Man in the High Castle,

Beauty and the beast

Random Randomness!
Jamberry Nails

Sunshine Committee http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/the-snake-pit/3492533/1-25#1

#yarnlovechallenge on IG
Left coast coffee roasters

Naturally Knitty
Hall closet, laundry room… just house stuff


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