Choppy Planning, Blah Blah Blah Episode 189

Planning Podcast

History of Magic – Kappa
Students, for this month we would like you to create something inspired by the Sensei’s story; be that of the creature’s actual description or something to scare away a muggle

Potions Strengthening Solution
For this month craft a single item (per HPKCHC standards) with 2 distinct parts. This could be a project with 2 distinct color sections, 2 different stitch sections, or 2 different crafts combined (such as a knit shawl with a crochet border). Submissions should note the 2 parts. Note that for this prompt, 2 color stripes will not be accepted as they represent repetition rather than 2 distinct potion stages. Please see FAQ in post 1 for more details.
Can I submit multiple items for this class as 2 distinct parts? No, a student should submit a single item according to HPKCHC standards….this includes a blanket square, a single hexipuff, a pair of socks, a pair of mittens, etc. To be clear, 2 blanket squares will not count as 2 distinct parts. However, 2 socks or mittens will be considered 2 distinct parts.
Is 2-color striping considered to be 2-distinct color sections? No, 2-color striping is repetition of 2 colors, not distinct parts.
Can I use self-striping, patterned, or variegated yarn? No, projects using the color option should be from 2 different skeins of yarn (representing 2 brewing stages), not the result of a pre-printed or patterned yarn.
How many distinct parts can my project include? A project should include 2 distinct parts. That is, no more or less than 2.

Muggle Studdies Pink elephants we all know are really Pukwudgies
For your homework please craft something you could carry within your pocket to distract your Muggle friend from this fantastical beast Yes, it would need to fit within your pocket!” “Anything that might distract the Muggles attention from a Pukwudgie, an eye catching shimmering strands of unicorn hair? Or a splash of potion to confuse the Muggle (dyers) will be acceptable”.
“You may also show a crafted amigurumis of a Fantastical Creature. Wizards know Fantastical Creatures on sight but showing a Muggle one as a toy to explain the Pukwudgie sighting due to an over excited imagination is wise. These crafted amigurumis may not fit into a pocket but as a toy would not need to be hidden from Muggles.”

Healing- ferula charm
Craft a splint or a bandage Or craft something with two or more strands of yarn held at the same time to help strengthen bones
Spinners – spin yarn with two or more plies
Dyers – dye yarn with two or more plies

Habitats of Magical Creatures September 2016 Ashwinders
This month we want you to consider the properties of the fire. Either the colors or the patterns/textures of the flames. We will accept non-ravelry crafts ONLY based on the patterns/textures of the flames – not just the colors.

Feeding of Magical Creatures September 2016 Murtlaps
Create “food” for the murtlaps by crafting an object shaped like a crustacean (crab, lobster, etc) or that contains a crustacean. Spinners/Dyers/Weavers, create something that is the color of a crustacean in the wild. Alternatively create something to protect your feet while feeding the murtlaps.
Q: Do only socks, etc, count as foot coverings?
A: If you show us your project actually attached to your foot in some way, we will accept it. Just saying a project is a foot covering is only acceptable if it is actually socks, etc.
The colors option is only for spinners, dyers, and weavers.

Safe Handling of Magical Creatures September 2016- hippogriff
For your homework this month, craft something that shows respect for another or for someone you love and respect.

Grooming of Magical Creatures September 2016- PHOENIXES
For Homework this month we would like to you to choose a beast and make it look pretty. You may also find that what you thought would be easy is actually more difficult and vice versa. It’s an interesting side effect of grooming magical beasts!
You can choose to groom a Phoenix — the easy option — by crafting an adornment for your Phoenix (perhaps a lovely collar or tracking bracelet) or by crafting something to represent the colours of the Phoenix (red, yellow, or orange). Or go with the hard option and groom the Winged Horses by crafting something with a difficult technique — perhaps something like a Latvian Braid (i.e. braiding your horse’s mane or tail), or spinning or dyeing yarn as fine as horse hair (i.e. lace weight).
Non-Rav Crafts WILL be accepted this month without prior approval as long as they fit one of the options above
What counts as complicated for the Winged Horse option? As with OWLs the answer to this will most likely vary per crafter! If it’s complicated and hard FOR YOU and you can explain this in your turn in then you should be good to go!
Will lace weight singles count for the spinning option even if they’re plied to a heavier weight? Yes – as long as the single can be counted as lace weight we’ll accept it.

Regular Podcast

Jessica –
owl hats-
2 dishcloths-



Allena-Order Mission

Wound up my giant fractal mashup for Postgrad sweater!

You Spin me Right Round:
Allena Finished! 202 yds 3ply moonrover

NGY Who’s your Dr, earth death. Sw merino. 227 yds
NK rolags deep in the forest (mini turtlemade) 547yds!
CHF- polwarth, Bule Moss- 303 yds
BMH- batt, Put your big girl pants on – 215yfd
NK merino- matchless

Allena – lots of cutting getting ready for IKS

cardio challenge. MAKE working out your favorite again
From StarKnits: Sock Box or Bucket from TWSP fabric
Here’s what you need to do:
30 min cardio -3 times a week. (you can do more if you want)
Take photographic evidence for IG and Rav Bonus points if it’s cardio knitting/crochet #TWSPcardiochallenge2016
Check in weekly with proof (see #2)
We’ll Officially start November 7th and run through December 18th. (6 weeks to make a habit!)
I made a pic!!

Friend me on Good Reads
Reading: Vision in Silver

Watching- timeless gilmore girls

Mercy Thompson series !


Random Randomness!

Jamberry Nails

Trunk or Treat
Need to make carmel and candy apples

Crafters retreat


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