Planning In October Episode 185



Planning Podcast:

Newts: Fall N.E.W.T. Timeline:

October 1-31: 75% benchmark for 125 pts

November 1-30: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts

All requests for significant changes must be submitted by September 30, 2016.


OWL Timetable for Fall 16

  • October 1st – 31st: Midterm 50% submissions are accepted.
  • November 1st – 30th: Final OWL submissions are accepted.


Nov. 6-19–Missions return

Quidditch: Schedule of Events

September 20 – October 10: Hinkypunks

October 16 – November 2: Billywigs

November 8 – 28: Nifflers


Headmistress Challenge:

For this challenge, spend 30 minutes exercising, 10 minutes stretching, and 20 minutes meditating, all in the same day. Write one sentence about how the experience was for you.

Challenge period: September 1 — November 14, 2016 POT.

Students may do this challenge up to five times, on five different days within the challenge period. Please submit all of your hours in one post. (So: don’t post your submission until you’ve done all your hours!) Provide the dates when you did your hours, and one sentence per day. 10 points will be awarded for each day.


History of Magic –  Dryad

This month we would like you to study Dryads. You may choose to craft something in the shape of a tree, leaf, or orchard fruit, or with a tree, leaf, bark, or orchard fruit motif. Or you may use any color found on any tree associated with Dryads including oak, birch, ash, walnut, or apple. And if you know anything about Dryad history, we would love to have you include it with your assignment.

Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted this month. No prior approval is required.


Potions  Antidote to Common Poison

crafting a project to practice a technique, stitch or project type that is difficult for you AND inspired by the Antidote or its ingredients. The finished potion is a teal color and the ingredients and their properties are listed above.


Muggle Studdies  TV

Class, we offer you 2 options for your homework this month. First, Muggles love TeeVee Watching as part of their Fall entertainment. Craft a project associated with this. Examples might include a nice blanket to snuggle under while watching TeeVee or a coffee/tea cozy to decorate the mug holding your pumpkin-flavored drink.

Your second option is a challenge to participate in the study of Muggle Reality TeeVee Shows by crafting an item you would wear or use in your own Reality TeeVee show. Bonus points are available for taking up this challenge and to qualify for them, you must explain how your project fits the show you would produce or star in. Simply name or explain what your show would be about for us. Examples could include a colorful bag to carry your ghost hunting supplies or dishcloths to decorate your own Best Ever Baking Show. Blanket Squares for Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous? Handspun yarn in the signature colors of your show logo for your Spinning With The Stars of Hogwarts? Dyeing Along Diagon Alley or maybe Weaving With Wizards from the B-List?


Healing-  Third Eye

Assignment: Show you have mastered your study of Ajna, the Third Eye chakra, by creating something blue or something to protect the head. No WIPs will be accepted; please take them to Detention.

Bonus points: Grab a partner to study the Third Eye Chakra. Be sure to earburn each other in your submission.**

We will be accepting non-Rav as well as Ravelry crafts this month.


Habitats of Magical Creatures September 2016   Acromantula

Option 1: All Rav Crafts: Create a web-like fabric or yarn to illustrate the thin & holey nature of webs. (ie create lace or spin lace weight) or use a fiber/yarn with stellina (or other metallic component).

Option 2: Ravelry Crafts & Non-Ravelry crafts: Use beads to create the illusion of the spider’s prey caught in the webs! (the beads must be strung on something – yarn, string, wire, etc)”

Non-rav crafts involving beading will be the only ones accepted.


Feeding of Magical Creatures September 2016 kneazles


To make “food” for the kneazles, craft something that has at least two distinct colors, or that has at least two different design elements to show the varied nature of the kneazle diet. Mixing crafts is also an acceptable way of combining design elements.

Please see the FAQ in Post 1 for clarification.

Non-Rav Crafts will be accepted in this class


Safe Handling of Magical Creatures September 2016- Kelpies

Craft a head covering or lasso, or be inspired by the majestic kelpie and craft in grays or greens.

Grooming of Magical Creatures September 2016- Pygmy puffs or Yeti

You can either choose to groom the Pygmy puffs by creating something with a fuzzy/furry yarn or something comfy/cuddly or something quick (less than an hour). You could also dye a fuzzy yarn or spin hairy yarn !”

groom the Yeti by combing/carding your fiber before spinning it, or untangle some yarn and create something that can protect you from the cold. You can also choose something with a very complicated pattern that requires concentration or dye something involving cold in the process.”

People in the Yeti group are strongly encouraged to provide process pictures and will be rewarded for choosing the difficulty

Regular Podcast


Allena- Test Knit…  

Fox for bella




Owl hats


You Spin me Right Round:





spindle spinning- PLYING!!! some rolags deep in the forest (mini turtlemade) ,


cardio challenge coming. – I need some motivation




Friend me on <a href=””>Good Reads</a>

Reading: Deathblows


Watching-   limitless




Started Bones.


Random Randomness!



<a href=””>Jamberry Nails </a>  

<a href=””>StarKnits</a&gt;



Point Counter Point giveaway


New Bag

Most awesome shirt ever!



Canned apples


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