This is My Quest! Episode 180

Planning Podcast:

Newts: Fall N.E.W.T. Timeline:
September 1-30: 50% benchmark for 75 pts
October 1-31: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
November 1-30: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
All requests for significant changes must be submitted by September 30, 2016.
OWL Timetable for Fall 16
September 1st – 22nd: OWL proposals may be submitted. OWLs may only be started after they are approved by the relevant examiner.
October 1st – 31st: Midterm 50% submissions are accepted.
November 1st – 30th: Final OWL submissions are accepted.
OOtP: Sept. 11-21–BROOMs
Sept. 25–Launch
Nov. 6-19–Missions return
Quidditch: Schedule of Events
September 2: House Quidditch Teams due to the pitch
September 4 – 13: Puffskeins
September 20 – October 10: Hinkypunks
October 16 – November 2: Billywigs
November 8 – 28: Nifflers

Headmistress Challenge:
For this challenge, spend 30 minutes exercising, 10 minutes stretching, and 20 minutes meditating, all in the same day. Write one sentence about how the experience was for you.
Challenge period: September 1 — November 14, 2016 POT.
Students may do this challenge up to five times, on five different days within the challenge period. Please submit all of your hours in one post. (So: don’t post your submission until you’ve done all your hours!) Provide the dates when you did your hours, and one sentence per day. 10 points will be awarded for each day.

History of Magic – the Manticore
craft something inspired by the Manticore. You may choose to craft something with a human-like face, craft using the colors of a human or lion or scorpion, something dangerous, or perhaps something rare. Just make sure to tell us how you were inspired by the Manticore.

Potions Forgetfulness Potion
For this month craft something basic that you don’t even remember learning such as (but not limited to): knitting and purling, double or single crochet, dyeing with Kool-aid, spinning singles and plying doubles.

Muggle Studdies Electrical Cords
craft something that will protect Muggle electronic devices from the Chizpurfles, or craft an item that you would choose to wear or use if you happen to be part of the repair crew the Ministry of Magic would send out undercover to take care of the chizpurfle infestation in a Muggle home. Create or dye some yarn inspired by electrical wires found inside electrical cords.
Please see the FAQs in Post 1 for further clarification. What does inspired by electrical wires found inside electrical cords mean?
We are looking for certain colors this month. Black, white, and grey for electrical cords. Silver, copper, gold, brass, and bronze for the conductive wires.

Healing- Exploring the Healing Wisdom of Our Muggle Neighbors by Healer Augustus Pye
For this assignment combine Muggle and Magical healing skills by crafting a project that incorporates more than one craft. At least one of the crafts used must be a Ravelry craft and both crafts must be done this month.
Examples (not an exhaustive list!) :
Spin or dye yarn and then knit/crochet/weave an item out of it.
Knit an object with a crocheted border
Spin yarn and then dye it — or dye fiber and then spin it.
Embellish a knit/crocheted/woven project with embroidery or needle-felting.
Sew an item out of knit, crocheted, or woven pieces.
Make a woven or braided edging or strap for a knit/crocheted project.
Make your own buttons to attach to a Rav-craft project
A note on yardage — if you are spinning and then knitting/crocheting/weaving an object out of your yarn, this qualifies for yardage bonus from both crafts.

Habitats of Magical Creatures September 2016 Dugbog
Craft something in the colors of a marsh in Autumn

Feeding of Magical Creatures September 2016 Thestrals
for your homework, we will all be feeding the Thestrals; either by hand-feeding them, or leaving food out for them. If you choose to hand-feed them, bring something that has some meat to it. But if you choose to leave food out for them, make sure they are drawn to its scent, or color.
To make “food” for the Thestrals, you can either craft something that “has some meat to it,” by having more than 100 yards, or make something the color of blood.

Safe Handling of Magical Creatures September 2016- Salmander and Fwooper
This month, we would like you to practice your Constant Maintenance by crafting something you need to craft over and over. (This could include the obvious like a blanket square, but perhaps you personally have something you need to craft regularly, such as gift items, things you use many of, and things that tend to wear out.) Please explain how your homework is Constant Maintenance practice.
Non-Rav Crafts that use a needle (sewing, cross-stitch, needle-felting, etc.) will be accepted this month, provided they fit the prompt.
Grooming of Magical Creatures September 2016- Crupps and Occamy
For your homework this month you can choose the safe option and wash one of our crups by crafting something that uses water during the crafting process or something that helps with washing.
More intrepid students can help us with the occamy by crafting something chonaraptyxic (something that changes size) or polish occamy eggs by crafting something soft (using soft fibres of natural origin) and/or silver (using yarn with silver stellina or silver metallic thread). If you choose the occamy we encourage you to team up with one or two other Students: you will earn a special, shiny Grooming badge for your efforts!
if you complete the full grooming process and make your magical creatures super pretty, you will be rewarded at the end of Term! In short: post a Grooming homework every month and earn extra bonus points!
Non-Ravelry crafts are welcome without prior approval.

Regular Podcast




Allena- Test Knit…
Fox for bella

You Spin me Right Round:

Modern Spin – Merino “Feb 2011 club” neon colors (sidekick)
spindle spinning- some rolags deep in the forest (mini turtlemade) ,
Allena – EMFF is in about a week. I’m sewing like mad


Friend me on Good Reads
Finished: Written in Red
Tempe #7
Magic to the Bone
Ted Dekker black red white

The Bane Chronicles
HP cursed child
Grey’s Anatomy

Random Randomness!

Jamberry Nails

Jamberry yarn on nails
School started
Live broadcast on SK

Last min school shopping.
First day or school today!
Packer game
New phone!


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