Plannin’ and Chillin’ Episode 174

Planning Podcast:

Newts: Winter N.E.W.T. Timeline:
June 1-30: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
July 1-31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
All requests for significant changes must be submitted by May 31, 2016.
OWL Timetable for Winter 16
June 1st – 30th: Midterm 50% submissions are accepted.
July1st – 31st: Final OWL submissions are accepted.
Missions launch: Sunday, May 29th, 0001 hrs (POT)
Agents return: Sunday, July 10 (0001 hrs) – Sunday, July 24 (2359 hrs) (POT)
Sunday, March 20th (11:59:59 PM) Last possible instant to get Mission reports safely filed at Number Twelve.

Quidditch: Schedule of Events
May 31 – June 20: Endurance Training
June 27 – July 3: Agility Training
July 10 – 24: Experimental Plays

NEWT: nope.
Headmistress Challenge

OOTP: – maybe a shawl
Quidditch: .
Headmistress Challenge

Astronomy: Taurus constellation
You can be inspired by the Taurus (animal or constellation), craft like lightning to represent Zeus or use a new to you stitch or fibre to represent the first letter of the Alphabet or renew your love of a pattern, plying technique or dyeing technique used by you more than 6 months ago.”

Charms- Deprimo Charm: an Elemental Charm which produces Wind.
This month, for your homework, we want you to channel the Deprimo Charm using Pearls. For this assignment, you will craft in white or creams; or produce something light and airy, like lace.

DADA Muffliato
craft something to help muffle sound.
You may choose to cover your ears (or someone else’s), cover your mouth (or someone else’s), or something that will deaden noise, such as a doily or rug. Creative photos are strongly encouraged.
We will be accepting non-Rav crafts without prior approval, but they absolutely MUST meet the prompt. They must truly be able to deaden sound in some way (flat sheets of decorated paper, while pretty, are not what we are looking for this month)

Herbology- Beverage Plants: Beer
This month we are studying the plants involved in the making of different beers! From the vanilla to cinnamon, cloves to nutmeg the flavors found in our beverages come from amazing places
represent a plant found in a beer of any kind or the beer itself.
Knitters, Crocheters, and Weavers: Make something that is the color or shape of the plant that you are representing or color of the beer itself!
Spinners/Dyers: Spin/dye a yarn that is the color of the beer or plant you are representing.

History of Magic – West Africa
Your assignment – craft using gold, cotton, metal, leather, copper, salt, textiles or beads; or be inspired in other ways by the West African culture (such as lifelike representations or something round like the stone circles)
Non-Rav crafts will be accepted with no prior approval so long as they fit the prompt, though if you have something truly unusual in mind it’s never a bad idea to double-check with us

Magical Literature 2016 William Shakespeare
For our class this month, craft something inspired by the magic found in Shakespeare’s plays. Do be sure to explain how your project is inspired by Shakespeare’s magic to us. We’re very clever witches, but we aren’t legilimists.

Muggle Studdies – Electric
Craft something that a Muggle would use with an electrical item or electricity. Dyers, you must dye something using Muggle electric items. Spinners, you will need to find a way to incorporate electricity into your spinning (hello e-spinners or other creative way to use electricity)
Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted if they fit the prompt; prior approval is not required. Please read the non-Rav craft guidelines before submitting your craft.

Potions Vitamix Potion, an energizing potion
To brew, mix wormwood (green), asphodel root (brown, or white for the powder form), and monkshood (purple) in a copper cauldron. The finished potion is blue. When you drink the potion you will feel a burst of energy.”
For your assignment, please be inspired by the Vitamix Potion by crafting with 1 or more of the colors represented in the ingredients, cauldron, and finished potion, or by crafting something with no more than 50 yards to represent the “burst of energy”.

Broom started.


You Spin me Right Round:
plying Loop Batt from destash/Bellasocks on IG

Corgi Hill Farm – polwarth /silk -502yds nply
Naturallyknitty – sample spinning on standard turtlemade, plied on wheel- 491 yds, 2ply
Three Waters Farm – polwarth/silk mashup – 8oz, 1080 yds 2ply
spindle spinning- some rolags deep in the forest on mini turtlemade

Allena – sewing not so much got fabric though


Friend me on Good Reads
Started not going to finish Minion

watching- Heartland, Daredevil Bitten season 3
Harry Potter… on HBP

Reign, The 100, started Prison Break(w/Fauna on Fridays)

Random Randomness!
Listener Map-

Jamberry Nails
New website added a calendar to my website.

Summer Vacation off to a lazy start
Cafe table in the back
Date night TMNT and Xmen

School is almost over!
Wheel spa day


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