Don’t Paint Your Knitting! Episode 166

Planning Podcast:

Newts: Winter N.E.W.T. Timeline:
February 1- February 29: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
March 1 – March 31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
NEW All requests for significant changes must be submitted by January 31, 2016.
OWL Timetable for Winter 16

February 1st – 29th: Midterm 50% submissions are accepted.
March 1st – 31st: Final OWL submissions are accepted.

Sunday, January 24th (00:01 AM) GO!!! For goodness’ sake, Go!! Craft like the rapidly-gathering wind!!
Sunday, March 6th (00:00:01 AM) Agents may safely return to Number Twelve to file their Mission reports.
Sunday, March 20th (11:59:59 PM) Last possible instant to get Mission reports safely filed at Number Twelve.

Quidditch: Schedule of Events
Schedule of Events
Jan 15 – Mar 3: Rotation 2
Mar 9-29: Rotation 3

NEWT: nope.
Headmistress Challenge

OWL- Detention!
Quidditch: . Triage- frogged
Headmistress Challenge

Ancient Runes: ancient Minoan Civilization
Please craft something to represent the Minoan civilization: either by using 100% wool in your crafting, or by crafting something with some kind of illusion in honor of the mysteries of Cretan Hieroglyphics and Linear A.
SOME EXAMPLES OF ACCEPTABLE ILLUSIONS: Illusion crochet. Illusion knitting. Crafting that forms an optical illusion. Amigurumi that start as one thing (such as an egg) and transform into something else (such as a chicken). Dying a sock-blank (because once it’s knit, it will most likely look entirely different). Spinning Thick-and-Thin yarn. An Illusion Crafting response to the prompt is not required to be in 100% wool.
What exactly do you mean by 100% Wool?
For the purposes of this class only, we are accepting as 100% Wool any Rav-Standard project incorporating 100% fiber from a single species of mammal. Different breeds are fine.
Some YES Examples:
100% Superwash Merino – fine.
100% Cashmere – also fine.
100% Alpaca – fine.
50% Cormo sheep wool, 50% Targhee sheep wool – fine.
Some NO Examples:
50% Merino, 50% Alpaca – No, these are two different species.
50% Sheep Wool, 50% Cashmere – No, sheep and goats are two different species.

Architecture: New Subject! Gringots
Your assignment this month is to explore the function and beauty of Gringotts by:
Craft something with cables to represent the tunnels.
Craft something in black, white, grey, or gold, or with crystals to represent the lobby and that gorgeous chandelier. Yes, you may include other colors, but the white, gold, grey, and/or black or beads must be clearly dominant!
We will gladly accept beading, jewelry, sewing, needlepoint, pottery, woodworking crafts as long as they fit the prompt.

Arithmancy: LOVE
Knitters, Crocheters, and Weavers: Craft something that will be given as a gift to someone you love.
Dyers and Spinners: Create a yarn or fiber that will be made into a gift for someone you love; or given as a gift itself to someone you love.
Non-Rav Crafts will be accepted in this class: Make a gift or Valentine for someone you love. No prior approval is needed.

craft something in the form of and/or containing a hexagon, circle or oval. Please show us the required form on your photo. If you don’t manage to show the completed project as a whole and the hexagon/oval/circle at the same time, please add more than one picture.
Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted if they fit the prompt; prior approval is not required.

Charms- Colovaria
We want you to practice the Color Changing Charm this month by crafting an object that changes color. This can be achieved using more than one yarn or dye, or a gradient or self-striping yarn

For your homework this month, please craft something which contains a physical representation of a star/constellation. This could be using colourwork, beads, lacework or physical shape to create a star. Spinners and dyers may spin or dye a laceweight yarn.

Muggle Studdies – Toys
So for this month, like Arthur, we want you to play around and have fun. You can make battery operated or just simple toys, collector’s edition toys or just things fun to play with.” “Some baby Muggles like to play more with wrapping paper when opening presents than with the present itself. Keep this in mind when showing us playful and fun things,
Knitters, crocheters, weavers: Show us some playing and fun. Examples: shawls are known to be excellent kites, dishcloths can be funny rabbits.
Spinners/dyers: you could have a fun way to present your yarn or explain to us why the technique you used was fun or use a non traditional way of dying/spinning. Examples: fun hand painted yarn, art yarn
We will be accepting non-Ravelry needle crafts this month. If you wish to use another non-Ravelry craft, please ask for approval.

Transfiguration- Do a Grouch a Favour Day
this month conjure an item that will make someone’s day brighter.

Regular Podcast


Allena- Man Hat for andy


Baby sweater frogged b/c too big
Superman sweater
Hermione sweater
Brown sweater

mara shawl

You Spin me Right Round:

Jessica- spindle spinning some rolags deep in the forest


Allena – show this weekend


Friend me on Good Reads
Reading: Shannara Chronicles
Series of Unfortunate Events
Jessica Jones
Z nation
Weekly watching
Shadow Hunters
Shannara Chronicles

The Selection, The
The Elite
The One

The Fallen Series

Reign, Vampire Diaries, Gotham, I zombie, Shadowhunters

Random Randomness!

Listener Map-

Jamberry Nails
New website added a calendar to my website.

Colorado Trip and Train Ride
Huge amount of snow in one day 18-20 inches.
Kids slept over at friends house -free weekend.
washer broke- new craigslist one
Ice Fest in Ligonier- Wholesale to Kathy Zimmerman.
got car back
Had fever.

Colorado Trip
Chloe’s B-day Cake Pops
Espresso Machine


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