The Most Awesome Day of the Year Episode 165

Planning Podcast:


Newts: Winter N.E.W.T. Timeline:

December 22: Proposals due

January 1 – January 31: 50% benchmark for 75 pts

February 1- February 29: 75% benchmark for 125 pts

March 1 – March 31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts

NEW All requests for significant changes must be submitted by January 31, 2016.


OWL Timetable for Winter 16

  • January 1st – 22nd: OWL proposals may be submitted. OWLs may only be started after they are approved by the relevant examiner.
  • February 1st – 29th: Midterm 50% submissions are accepted.
  • March 1st – 31st: Final OWL submissions are accepted.



Thursday, January 7 (00:01 AM) BROOMS will be accepted!

Sunday, January 17th (11:59 PM) Commander FrickNFrack will SLAM the windows shut against the storm! Owls received after that point will be unable to deliver their BROOMs.

Sunday, January 24th (00:01 AM) GO!!! For goodness’ sake, Go!! Craft like the rapidly-gathering wind!!

Sunday, March 6th (00:00:01 AM) Agents may safely return to Number Twelve to file their Mission reports.

Sunday, March 20th (11:59:59 PM) Last possible instant to get Mission reports safely filed at Number Twelve.

The Missions

Recruitment: Hedge Wizards and Weather Witches

Recruitment: Sylphs

Undercover at Gringotts

Undercover at Ollivander’s

Security: Order Swag

Security: Open your ears in Hogsmeade


Quidditch: Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

Jan 2 – House Team Rosters due

Jan 3 – Jan 9: Rotation 1

Jan 15 – Mar 3: Rotation 2

Mar 9-29: Rotation 3


Rotation 1: Triage

Dates: Jan 3 – 9

Option 1: Clean up/Make Bandages: Craft something to be used for cleaning or bandaging. Keep in mind that sometimes you just have to use what you have on hand, which isn’t always an actual cleaning cloth or bandage. Ravelry crafts only – knit, crochet, spin, weave, dye. If making more than one item for cleaning or bandaging, items which House Cup standards state must be crafted in pairs count as 1 item. JAYG or seamed blanket squares count as 1 item, each non-seamed blanket square counts as 1 item. There is no minimum yardage.

Option 2: First aid: Mending your handknits; fixing frays, holes, and other damage due to wear. Recrafting to fix mistakes or poor fit are not allowed for this Rotation. Pictures of the damage before and after mending are required.

Option 3: Expectant/Hopefully an organ donor: Frog an item whose survival is not likely. Wash and re-skein the yarn. The item being frogged may be a WIP, but the whole thing must be frogged and re-skeined. Each item frogged counts as 1 skill. You may frog either hand knit or commercial/mass produced items. Pictures of the item before being frogged, as well as pictures of the re-skeined yarn are required.

You may practice these skills twice, worth 10 points each time. You may practice the same skill twice, or you may practice two different skills. All items must be in one post.

Rotation 2: First Specialization  

Dates: Jan 15 – Mar 3

You may only choose ONE of the floors to visit! There will be no wandering between floors, so choose wisely.

First Floor: Creature Induced Injuries and Muggle Medical Techniques

Option 1: Magical Animals: To learn more about injuries from magical animals, create an item from at least 50% animal fiber. If you choose this option, please tell us what percent of your fiber comes from an animal.

Option 2: Muggle Medical Techniques: Muggle Medical Techniques: Try something one of the follow techniques, as dangerous as melding Muggle and Magical Healing: felting, intentionally dropped stitches, finishing work that requires cutting if your crafted item, free form knitting or crocheting, or making art yarn with non-fiber inclusions

Option 3: Creature-induced injury: Study a magical creature and tell us what kind of injuries the creature can inflict or create something to help heal a creature-induced injury.

You may create up to 4 items for 15 base points each. Ravelry crafts only – knit, crochet, spin, weave, dye. Items which House Cup standards state must be crafted in pairs count as 1 item. There is no minimum yardage required nor are there yardage bonus points. Your turn in may be rewarded with bonus points from the Referees for awesomeness. If crafting multiple items, they do not all have to be from the same option, but they must all be from the same floor. All items must be in one post.


Third Floor: Potions and Plant Poisoning

Option 1: Potion Poisoning: Study the effects of potion poisoning and antidotes by creating an item with at least 2 yarns of different color. Please make sure that the colors are easily discernable.

Option 2: Plant Poisoning: Study the effects of plant poisoning by crafting an item with cables and/or a floral motif.

Option 3: Plants as Ingredients: Study the plants themselves by making an item that is made up of at least 50% plant material. Please tell us what percentage of your fiber is made up of plant matter.

You may create up to 2 items for for 30 base points each. Ravelry crafts only – knit, crochet, spin, or weave. Each Item must meet the minimum of 300 yards. Items which House Cup standards state must be crafted in pairs count as 1 item. JAYG or seamed blanket squares count as 1 item. Unseamed blanket squares count as individual items. Your turn in may be rewarded with bonus points from the Referees for awesomeness. If crafting multiple items, they do not all have to be from the same option, but they must all be from the same floor. All items must be in one post.



NEWT: nope.



Headmistress Challenge



OWL-  Detention!

OOTP: –   sweater for bella?

Quidditch:   . DARN or FROG something

Headmistress Challenge

Ancient Runes: New Year

Your homework this month is to try a technique, pattern, or fiber that is new to you.

And please be sure to explain what is new

Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted if they fit the prompt; prior approval is not required. Please read the non-Rav craft guidelines before submitting your craft.


Architecture:  New Subject! Gothic Architecture

craft something that reflects the elements of Gothic Architecture of that we’ve just discussed: Arches and Tracery.

Craft something with openwork or lace, reflecting the openness of the arches and the lacy designs of the tracery. Spinners may submit lace-weight yarns. Weavers can weave something incorporating the Leno or Brooks Bouquet techniques (If you would like to use a different weaving technique with a similar effect, approval should be requested by Jan 20th).

Craft something shaped in an arch-like curve.

Spinners & dyers: Craft something in the colors of Hogwarts’ stone. Use the grey, brown, and/or black colors shown in the photos above.


Arithmancy: Power of One

we want you to show us the power of one in your crafting

Knitters, Crocheters, and Weavers: Craft an item(s) or pair in one color; or submit a single, traditionally solitary item.

Spinners: Spin a single-ply yarn; or spin a multi-ply in a single color.

Dyers: Dye a single skein; or only use one color of dye.


Astronomy:  The Quadrantids

You are encouraged to pair up with another student when turning in your homework (for bonus points, please link to that student in your turn-in post).

Your homework this month is to craft multiples of something.

Multiples means at least 2, and a pair of socks or mittens will, for this assignment, count as 2 of that item.


Charms-   Wand Technique

This term we will be practicing concentration and precision, which will perfect your wand technique. We are asking that you craft a project that requires concentration and/or precision. A new technique would require extra concentration. Many lace, colorwork, or beaded projects would fit well with this assignment. As would miniature projects. Spinners might need extra concentration to spin yarn in weights or styles outside their comfort range, and weavers might work with a more complicated pattern.

Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted if they fit the prompt; prior approval is not required.


Divination-   Tea Leaves

For your homework for this class, prepare to read the tea leaves by crafting something you will need for the tea ceremony. For example, you could make a tea pot cosy, a hot pad, or a lace tablecloth, or take your inspiration from the provisions in the classroom.

Non-rav crafts which involve a needle will be accepted as long as the finished objects fit the prompt. Other types of non-rav crafts are not accepted.

Muggle Studdies –Fandoms

For your homework this month we’d like you to demonstrate what you’ve learned by creating something inspired by a Muggle fiction fandom of choice. This can be something that’s directly related to the fandom and/or something that a Muggle fan would use to celebrate his/her fandom.

This month we will accept non-Ravelry crafts. Please check the FAQs to see which crafts don’t need prior approval. All other non-Ravelry crafts require prior approval.



This month we want you to craft something inspired by the dragon you transfigured or something that presents a challenge for you

The challenge can be to work on perfecting a skill that you’ve only dabbled in. Or challenge yourself to go for more yards than you normally would for a class. But please remember that something just inspired by your dragon will be fine. In your hand-in post, be sure to tell us how your transformed dragon inspired you or how you’re challenging yourself, and if you feel like it, we’d love to hear how you found the challenge.

Regular Podcast



Hat for andy out of handspun need to take a pic for rav.

Baby Jude needs a welcome

got out sweater yarn for a superman sweater.



mara shawl


You Spin me Right Round:

Jessica- Lauren spinning and spinning along



Allena  – sewed PJs Special orders


cardio challenge. – I need some motivation

Won’t you help us?



Friend me on <a href=””>Good Reads</a>



watching Bones

Jan 12 Shadow Hunters 9/8 central



The Lux Series

The Covenant Series

Beautiful Creatures


Reign, Vampire Diaries, Gotham, I zombie

Random Randomness!  


Jamberry Nails

New website added a calendar to my website.

Christmas money

Ply Mag

Interweave mag

which jams?

JaynaMac – Jimmy Beans wool gift certificate

MrsMouse1 – Alina Shea Yarn




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