Trying NEW Things and Catch-up planning Episode 162

Planning Podcast:

November 1 – November 30: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
November 1st – 30th: Final OWL submissions are accepted.

Nov 18th (11:59 PM POT) Final day for agents to file mission reports

Quidditch: The Maze
Schedule of Events
Nov 4 – Nov 25: Task 4

OOTP: typhoon shawl

Class: Beauxbatons in the Triwizard Tournament October 2015
Unicorn- For this task, join the chorus : craft something based on a song!

Class: Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament October 2015To honour the solution from the Hogwarts Champion, we’d like you to craft something that reminds you of your crafting innocence, something in pure colours (white/undyed) or something that can be gifted to an innocent.

Class: Durmstrang in the Triwizard Tournament October 2015
Quicksilver Charm – To complete this task, you must craft, spin, or dye something silver (or grey). While you are free to use other colors, your project must noticeably include silver or grey.
Class: Journalism October 2015
November homework: Choose a project made by yourself or someone else during this term. Make it again, and change something about that project. INCLUDE WHAT CHANGES YOU MADE IN YOUR TURN-IN POST. For extra credit, include a link to the project you are editing.
Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted. PLEASE INCLUDE A LINK TO THAT PROJECT IN YOUR TURN-IN POST. No further permission is needed.

Summary: Study the Blast-Ended Skrewt by doing one of the following three options: 1. craft something to protect your body from charms. 2. craft using two or more different colors (either variegated yarn or several different colored yarns). 3: craft a cauldron. For this month only we will also be accepting traditional sewing crafts for this prompt, prior approval is not required. Please refer to the recent non-ravelry craft guidelines and remember that alterations or embellishments are not acceptable crafts.

“Since knowledge is the best defence, we are going to practice Avada Kedavra – in a Ministry approved way!
“Kill” some yarn or fiber that is left over from a previous project – either a partial skein or complete skein – by completely using it up. If you don’t have any leftovers to use up you can “kill” an entire skein of yarn/ball of fiber. Be sure to let us know what skein you are killing, and its origins if it’s left over from another project. You can combine the killed skein/partial skein with additional yarn to make a larger project, and the additional yarn or fiber does not have to be completely used up – only the skein(s)/fiber you are trying to kill.
Dyers: dye yarn or fiber that was left over from another project
Kill acrylic yarn

Flying –
your homework this month is to craft something to represent what you would use to take Hogwarts to the Tri Wizard Tournament. After all, it’s not always at Hogwarts, and we all have to get to the other school somehow

Herbology- Fanged Geraniums
Craft an item to help you take care of plants or craft an item to protect you from a vicious plant, be it with teeth, spikes, prickles or whippy branches.

Regular Podcast


Jessica –
order mission! – Typhoon.


baby mittens

Baby Blanket

You Spin me Right Round:

epic newt fail mashup- last bit of fiber…
naturallykitty rolags on spindle for travel spindling at shows

Cloudlover- targhee. 577yds of 2ply
NGY- 262 yds of Nply


Allena – finished up some sewing for IKS and I sewed some Christmas bags
Jessica- coffee sleeves and Christmas PJ’s!


Stephanie Plum Started #4 to on my tablet/kindle
Finished like 4 books, – Soooo good! fun

Friend me on Good Reads
Finished 10th season Supernaural
Gilmore Girls

I need to start watching a bunch of things on my DVR…

Random Randomness!

Jamberry Nails

Listener Map-

New website added a calendar to my website.

IKS Crobots
Bella got an Electric Gutiar
sent the most awesome reducio

Crafters Retreat
Cleaning the house, trying to declutter again.


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