Planning and Spinzilla Episode 159


Class: Beauxbatons in the Triwizard Tournament October 2015
For this task, cast a charm to create a bird: craft something which evokes a bird!

Class: Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament October 2015
to practice extension or engorgement charms by making something that can cover something else or something in a large gauge:
All crafts — Spin large yarn or craft something out of it — worsted/Aran weight and up, please!
Knitting/Crochet/Weaving — Make something that can cover or engulf something else.
Spinning — Surround yarn with other yarn using corespinning and similar techniques.
Dyeing — Engulf your yarn by immersing it in a dye bath (instead of painting), or expand its dye range by overdying a previously dyed yarn. For overdying please include a picture of the yarn’s original color.”

Class: Durmstrang in the Triwizard Tournament October 2015
For your assignment this month, the Durmstrang champion will be coaching you on the successful execution of the Geminio spell.
Please provide evidence of your practice of this spell. Knitters, crocheters, and weavers should submit multiples of the same type of item. Spinners should submit a plied yarn, or two skeins of handspun. And dyers need to dye two separate items of the same type, either fiber or yarn.
Class: Journalism October 2015
For your Journalism homework this month we would like for you to practice working on your disguise. For those up for a challenge, you can attempt a transformation into an Animagus.
This month we will be accepting Non-Ravelry crafts without prior approval to create your disguise. Please check the non-Rav craft guidelines before submitting your craft. If you are in doubt as to whether your craft is acceptable or if it will meet the prompt, please ask.

Swedish Short Snout dragon.
Summary: Study the scales of the Swedish Short Snout by crafting something in their silvery blue color. Please remember that this color could shift to a more blue or a more gray color depending on the placement on the body. Or study their distinctive short snouts by crafting something using short rows.

DADA Giants & Veelas
Just like a half-Giant or half-Veela witch or wizard, projects can incorporate traits of multiple crafts & gain strengths from both. This month: Craft a project using two different crafts. This can include Ravelry crafts & also non-Rav crafts (please refer to the Non-Rav Crafting Guidelines). When explaining how your project fits the prompt in your turn in post please state which 2 (or more) crafts you used. See the FAQ in post 1 for more details.
You can use 2 Rav crafts, 2 non-Rav crafts, or a combination of Rav & non-Rav craft
You can use more than 2 crafts in the same project (you are not limited to 2, but must include at least 2 different crafts).
Bonus points will be given for projects that will be given as a gift, whether you intend to appease a Giant, charm a Veela, or put a smile on the face of a friend.

Flying – Wronski Feint
Craft something that looks like one thing but becomes something else.

Craft something inspired by spruce, pine, or larch trees.



order mission! – Typhoon.

You Spin me Right Round:
hipstrings fiber for hat for andy
epic newt fail mashup- last bit of fiber…
naturallykitty rolags on spindle for travel
spindling at shows
Naturallyknitty rolags- Poolside Summer- (need to nply)
Elemental Fiber Works- Tour Dye Fleece -stage 8- fat singles!
On The Round- BFL- (need to 2ply)
Shadawyn Fiber Arts – SW merino – Firecrackers- 2ply

Allena – All Sewing All the time

Stephanie Plum Started #4 to on my tablet/kindle had to return before I finished.
reading firefight
babylon rising
Friend me on Good Reads
The Walking Dead

shows Gilmore Girls..totally got into it again!

Random Randomness!

Jamberry Nails New Catalog

Listener Map-

New website added a calendar to my website.

trade with shepherds woodworking
michelle’s assortment
van battery

apple sauce! canned apples, Pears


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