July Twenty the Third Episode 152


Jessica – canning jar cozy!

Allena- g square

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- Started a hobbledehoy shadawyn mash up merino tencil
mini spindle broke
TDF House Cup and Phat Fiber and turtlemade
Shadawyn Fiber Arts- Shazam-need to ply
Unwind Yarn Company – Aurora Borealis- fat singles done, need to ply it.
naturallyknitty – Undiped rolags on the mini trutlemade- Plying!
NEWT – spinning finished! washed and all- 1399- of the darker, 1404 of the lighter – 2803 total.


Allena – Sewing a ton of grey, bags, midoris inserts.
Jessica- inserts for the kids


cardio challenge.
Allena- sucky I think i need some motivation
Jessica- s


Stephanie Plum STILL waiting for #4 to come available to borrow on my tablet/kindle app
Nikki Heat series (actually reading these) On book to book 5
Raven’s Shadow https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/285207.Raven_s_Shadow
Friend me on Good Reads
watching- Bitten, witches of east end

Shifting Shawdows
Watched –
the hobbit movies, and the Lord of the Rings
Originals – finished up the latest season
I zombie…
THe last Unicorn on Netflix!

Random Randomness!

Jamberry Nails

Listener Map-

New website

Buy Phat

Off wait list for Endless Mountains Fiber Festival!
added a calendar to my website.

got a real paper cutter and a bunch of scrapbook paper on clearance
new business cards and binder
turtlemade spindle
screen printing
soap making
madi reading twilight

Gabe at camp this week
made raspberry puree
femto spindle gift!
So MUGGY- lots of swimming and AC.


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