No Mojo, It’s Tour De Fleece! Episode 151


Jessica- Pumpkin Ale sweater-

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- Started a hobbledehoy shadawyn mash up merino tencil
finished mashup 315 yards.
mini spindle
TDF House Cup and Phat Fiber and turtlemade
starting something new!…
Shadawyn Fiber Arts- Shazam- spinning singles now
Unwind Yarn Company – Aurora Borealis- fat singles done, need to ply it.
naturallyknitty – Undiped rolags on the mini trutlemade-
NEWT – spinning finished! washed and all- need to count yardage.


Allena – Sewing a few midori’s for the cousins


cardio challenge.
Allena- sucky I think i need some motivation
Jessica- swim 2x, in a lake and a big pool… biked to Truban’s baseball game tonight.


Stephanie Plum STILL waiting for #4 to come available to borrow on my tablet/kindle app
Nikki Heat series (actually reading these) On book to book 5

Friend me on Good Reads
watching- nothing

Shifting Shawdows

Random Randomness!

Jamberry Nails

Listener Map-

New website

Buy Phat

Bella at Camp picked up early b/c sick watched movies all weekend. No work was done
reducio partners went out. pondering what to knit/create theme divination
small update in shop
getting ready to start cutting for all the shows coming up.
Off wait list for Endless Mountains Fiber Festival!
added a calendar to my website.

Got girls from camp- they had a blast!
Went to Long Lake- swimming/grilled out!
super busy with swim lessons/violin lessons, baseball…
Made my rolag of the month rolags
Dyed up some new colors – they were almost dry then i left them out in the rain 😦


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