THE Podcast Episode 150


Allena- Baby Gift Cecilia monster-


Allena- NEWT-I give up
Jarvey Socks
Plimpy Socks

Jessica- Pumpkin Ale sweater-

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- Started last of my epic newt mashup and finishing a mash up I started last month
mini spindle
TDF House Cup and Phat Fiber

starting something new!…
Hobbledehoy- white walker batts – got in a trade at ZK- long draw, singles – yds
On The Round – Cosmic Rainbow, fractal spun – yds
naturallyknitty – Fun Dip and Undiped rolags on the mini trutlemade-
NEWT- #giantfractalmashup! finished!


Allena – Sewing a few midori’s one for Jessica and a few to in the shop.
Jessica- I sewed paper!


cardio challenge.
Allena- sucky I think I need to find some motivation


Stephanie Plum… waiting for #4 to come available to borrow on my tablet/kindle app
Nikki Heat series (actually reading these) On book 4

Listened to Cinder on the way home from WI got the girls addicted

Friend me on Good Reads
watching- movies that Bella can’t see like I am Legend etc.

Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood by Patricia Briggs

Random Randomness!

Jamberry Nails

Listener Map-

New website

Buy Phat

Trip to WI
Bella at Camp

birthday goodies:
mini turtlemade spindle and niddy noddy
ZK2015- was scary and amazing and awesome!
traded for some batts(Liz- Hobbledehoy) and a Dalek bag (JavaJennie)and bought Zombie Invasion sock yarn from Marigold Jen.
cool Fabric midori travel notebook


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