Elastic is Fancy – Episode 146

Planning Podcast:

June 1 – June 30: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
July 1 – July 31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
NEW All requests for Changes must be submitted by 31 May 2015.

June 1st – 30th: Midterm 50% submissions are accepted.
July 1st – 31st: Final OWL submissions are accepted

Sunday, July 5 – first agents return to HQ
Sunday, July 19 – midnight deadline for returning agents

Quidditch: Diagon Alley
Stop for a Treat: May 28 – June 11
You stroll down to Fortescue’s and take a seat at a table by the window. Ooh – look at the menu!
Today’s Special
Single or Double Scoop Sundaes
Guaranteed to make you feel good!
Enchanted just for you by our new Beauxbatons-trained chef
Hmmm. You wonder if you’re hungry enough to eat a double scoop, or if you’re better off with a single scoop……..
For this round, craft something to make yourself feel good! You can make something you will enjoy or you can make something to please a friend, family member, or pet, or to give to a person in need. It’s up to you!
You can make one item or two for 15 points each. One turn-in post, please. Posts cannot be edited to add additional items once they have been graded. Ravelry crafts only – knit, crochet, spin, weave, dye. Be sure to let us know why your project(s) make you feel good, and remember that House Cup project standards for pairs still apply. Your submission will be eligible for bonus points. There is no minimum yardage requirement for these projects.

Headmisstress Challenge
The Challenge
All students are invited to work in the Hogwarts garden: that’s magical gardening, not muggle gardening!
What’s the difference between magical and muggle gardening? Crafting! You may use ravelry sanctioned crafts only for this challenge.
You can make something to go in the formal garden, as pictured above and in this term’s Great Hall, or you can make something for the expanded woodland glade. Or if you want to make both, that is OK too.
All projects must have been started and finished within the timeframe. If you have WIPs you want to finish, those should be taken to Detention. There are no partial points in HMC – everything must be finished.
Every student is allowed up to two submissions for this challenge. Please make a separate turn-in post for each submission. Each submission will earn 15 base points.
Bonus points will be given for:
yardage – please include this information in your turn in post. As is usual, yardage bonus points will not be given for dyeing projects.
discretionary bonus based on my judgement of the fabulousness of the submission. This might be crafting awesomeness, or it might be to do with how you turn the project in 🙂
Deadline is July 28 2015, usual 11.59 PM POT cut off.

CoMC- Morwenna- Manticore
Option 1: Breeding. “Breed” two projects together to make a new one! Let your creativity loose and master breeding. Then tell us all about your experience. This is extra credit stuff, this is. Maximum bonus points for successfully breeding two different projects into a new one.
Option 2: Monsters. You may craft a monster. This can be a three dimensional monster, or a flat representation of one. Follow a pattern or create a new monster. Bonus points for particularly interesting creatures, or complicated ones, or stories.
Option 3: Flobberworms. Anything. Really. It’s an easy pass, but flobberworms will only get you the 15 points for the class.

Charms- Windgardium Leviosa
For your assignment this month you are to craft something that is light and airy. Anything that has a hole will be considered airy. Dobby pairs of socks or mittens will also be accepted.

DADA Borgin and Burkes
your assignment is to craft an object based on something you saw inside Borgin and Burkes. It may be a literal interpretation such as spinning a replica of a hangman’s rope or crocheting curtains similar to those from Tom Riddle’s boyhood home. But you may also craft something in the spirit of the artifact mimicking the color, texture, or shape.

Divination- Tarot cards
Craft a representation of the Tarot Star card. You may depict the literal images you see in the card: the star, water or the woman, or you may interpret the meaning of the card: renewal, the bounty of spring, health and healing. You may use the Star card from any other Tarot deck as your inspiration, however, if you do use a different card, please show it to us when you hand in your project.
We will be accepting Non Ravelry fiber arts that meet the prompt this month. The following are some examples of non ravelry fiber arts: needlework including sewing, quilting, embroidery, and cross stitch, needle felting, wet felting (of unspun fiber), tatting. They do not require pre-approval. Please check the non-Rav craft guidelines before submitting your craft. If you are in doubt as to whether your craft is acceptable or if it will meet the prompt, please ask. Alterations are not acceptable. WIPs will not be accepted, please take them to Detention.

History of Magic – Deception and secrecy
This month you will craft something to show that we wizards still know how to pull the wool over our enemies eyes. Craft something inspired by the code names of the beaches on which the allies landed, or something otherwise inspired by codes and deception.

Muggle Studdies –
This month we would like you to explore the differences between this old and new technology by creating something that is smaller than it used to be, or something that has an untraditional use or was created with untraditional materials. For example, you could felt an object, create a miniature version of something, or perhaps dye with Easter Egg dyes.

Potions Thick Golden Potion,
study the effects of this potion by crafting something relaxing or soothing, or something to keep you sane.
Non-Rav crafts NOT REQUIRING prior approval are as follows: anything requiring a needle (including but not limited to: sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch, beading). All other non-Rav crafts will require approval.

For this month’s homework, we are asking you to transform your crafting self by practicing a new craft or technique or one that is less familiar to you.
It doesn’t have to be a completely new craft or technique. If there’s a skill that you feel needs more practice, that counts, too!
If you are a usually a knitter, try crochet. If you usually make cables, try lace. If you aren’t alway happy with your sewing projects, this is a time to try to improve.
will be accepting both standard and non-Ravelry crafts, will not need prior approval.

Regular Podcast


Two Summer’s Dress
Baby dress


Allena- NEWT-
Jarvey Socks
Plimpy Socks

You Spin me Right Round:

Signed up wot test akerworks bobbins for my ashford
Turtlemade spindle- Still sampling
NEWT- #giantfractalmashup! singles done- plying now


Allena – Sewing and ironing.. that’s all i’m doing. Serger in surgery


You can still join our cardio challenge.
I missed 1 workout.

Binge Books and Shows

Allena-reading Kate Daniels book series by Ilona Andrews #6 about killed me
So now I’ve started Stephanie Plum… will “read” the first 3 b/c the library doesn’t have 4 as an audiobook.
Friend me on Good Reads
watching- Hart of Dixie.
gilmore girls,

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Random Randomness!

Jamberry Nails
Birthday Wraps
Listener Map-

New website

Altoona curve game/star wars night- lady made fun of my knitting not so secretly
cold brew coffee

oven broke…


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