Stars and Dragons, SCORE! – Episode 139


Allena- Amigurumi-

Jessica – Some Cloudy Day






socks- if they kill rick-DVD.

Nell sweater- NEWT – finished the fronts onto the sleeves!


You Spin me Right Round:


ply  a whole skein and a half!



nerd girl yarns, BFL

a mashup of Pancake and lulu and Lornas Laces- need to ply—gold


Allena  –  it’s all I’m doing! Finished pink and red started blue

sewing for Homespun  and PGHK&Cshow



Allena-   ug time change. made a work it girl playlist on youtube with yoga and tia chi

Jessica- still doing Piyo!

Random Randomness!  


New Catalog! Jamberry Nails

Homespun Yarn party the profiles are going up on the site daily!!! -my goal this year is to get a claymonster mug

Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show. Booth 67 come find me!

Madi- on a trip with church this weekend.

16th annv Friday!  Mockingjay, Meghan Trainor, chocolate

fixed my niddy noddy

Time change sucks

Nominated for recognition



#40 bagsin40days- I’ve been doing good decrapafying the house!

Ply magazine!

March HPKCHC Classes:

Ancient Runes: Elvish things

Tie your crafting this month to the Elvish saying: “A star shines on the hour of our meeting.” You may represent the darkness of night or the brightness of sparkling stars. You may craft anything relating to the mythological stories of Orion. Or you may craft something Elvish.


Arithmancy: study modular arithmetic and finite groups.
For your homework this month, craft something with a repeat.

Jessica~leg warms

CoMC-  Dragons

This month, craft an item based upon your study of these ten pure-bred dragon breeds, inspired either by a physical or behavioral characteristic of the dragons themselves, or the color or texture of their unique eggs.

Charms-  Geminio

Find a project created and turned in this term to a class, quidditch or Head Mistress Challenge by a castlemate not in your house (this may include NQFY or SOS students) that you have great affection for

Practice the geminio charm by reproducing that project using the same pattern (Please realize that this is a prompt where you are duplicating another player’s project, not a prompt where you are teaming up with another player.)

You may change colors and/or fibers at your choosing (for knitting and crochet patterns)

Please adjust the sizing as needed for any project.

Please note:

Dyeing must follow the same methodology and be the same type of fiber, however you may change colors.

Spinning must be the same weight (ie: bulky, fingering, worsted, etc.)and plying technique, however you may change colors and fiber types.

Weaving must be the same type of item with the same draft, however you may change colors.

DADA protego totalum

“Your assignment is to practice protego totalum by crafting something that can entirely surround the item intended to be protected.”

Non-rav crafts accepted! Check the FAQ

Allena- Sew Bags! (SCORE)

Flying –  Craft something intricate as detailed below.

Knitters/Crocheters: Craft something made up of at least 50% lace, or with color work involving at least two colors used in the same row (intarsia, stranded color work, mosaic).

Dyers: Dye fibres using a process that requires many steps or intricate use of multiple dyes. Show your work.

Spinners: Spin cabled yarn.

Weavers: Weave openwork, or use at least two different weft yarns (different colors or different weights).

Herbology-   Wormwood

Please craft something that represents the uses or characteristics of wormwood (for example, but not limited to, something green like the Absinthe, something fine and silky like the plant, or something for a baby)

History of Magic – Victorian Seance

This month, we’d like you to explore the aesthetics of the Victorian seances in your submission. You have two options:

Option 1: Represent the attire worn by spirit guides. They were commonly known for beads, tassels, and wraps.

Option 2: Represent the ghosts that showed up at these seances.

Non rav crafts accepted


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