Totoro Twinzies – Episode 137!


Allena-slouchy stripey hat







socks- if they kill rick-DVD.

Nell sweater- NEWT – finished the fronts onto the sleeves!

Pumpkin Ale – Order Mission – still on the back panel.

You Spin me Right Round:


some plying for 15 min



purple zebra battlets:

moonrover Jan fiber club:

Finished Spins:

Spinneretta’s Studio, merino/bamboo/nylon- spinning super thin to Nply it for sock yarn.

Rainbow Finn, dyed by me.



sewing for Homespun  and PGHK&Cshow


Allena-  what what!?! I totally did it today

Random Randomness!  

Allena :   

Jamberry Nails

OC fiber fest went well

Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show. Booth 67 come find me!


Homespun Yarn party


found an old Wizard Wrock cd and rocked out this morning.

Trying to do the 40 bags in 40 days thing but really i’m just decrapifying as i go.

made an awesome craft table!

and i kninda started blogging again.

Had an update to my shop!

I’ve been rolaging a lot, that’s a good thing! I’m also thinking of selling batts and battlets in the shop, forgot how fun they are.


tried a one pot thia peanut pasta recipe… pretty good 4 out of 6 of us like it.

Catching up on Arrow, finally on season 3.

Still watching Fringe- on the last season and i kinda stalled…

Started the show The Flash, because he made an appearance on Arrow and i wanna see how it is.


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