Triple Threat -Episode 124


Allena- lots of gsquares.
Baby vest

Jessica –
irving monster-
Age of brass and steam-
handed in 4 classes!



OoTP- cobblestone pullover started! started the sleeves.

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- NEWT -didn’t make 50%… le sigh

NEWT-washed up all the BL- now to make more rolags- and start spinning! (going to wait for Spinzilla oct 6-12)


Allena -lots of sewing, turned in 17 bags for Mug Stud


Allena- I worked out monday
Jessica- back at T25- beta. foot is feeling good!

Random Randomness!

Jamberry Nails
Light the Night Fundraiser


Planning Podcast:

Newts: will be worth 450 points total
October 1 – October 31: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
November 1 – November 30: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts
Owls: will be worth 200 points total
October 1st – 31st: Midterm 50% submissions are accepted.
November 1st – 30th: Final OWL submissions are accepted
Nov 2: First day to return from Mission and submit report
Nov 16: Last day to return from Mission and submit report
September 23 – October 7: Match 2
October 12 – October 27: Match 3
November 6 – November 27: Match 4

NEWT: rolags and monsters
OOTP: cobblestone sweater for me

NEWT: Mash up spinning
OOTP: gail-nightsong
Quidditch: .


Craft something triangular, or something tricky, or something that is a treat. Please explain why your project is tricky or treat-y!

Astronomy: The Hunters Moon or Blood moon.

Option 1: Craft something based on the colors you might see during the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse. Corpse white. Pumpkin orange. Blood red. Maybe all three!
Option 2: Make something inspired by the full moon. This can be something spherical, round, or crafted in the round.
Allena baby hat
Jessica spin? or socks

Charms- Incendio

Protect yourself while practicing the Incendio charm, or produce the flame.
Jessica- spin

DADA The Shield Charm, Protego

please show that you have mastered the Shield Charm by creating something that could physically deflect objects and spells or that represents the blue of the shield. Your goal is to create a physical barrier that can deflect objects not simply attempt to charm something to provide protection. For example, you could use a blanket to block an attack of the Jelly-Legs jinx from a fellow dueling student. Or maybe a lace scarf or a web of handspun yarn could block a ball hurled at you in a dodgeball game in the Great Hall. Creative use of objects as shields is encouraged but please no charming of objects alone to achieve a shield.
Jessica- Weave something?!!

Herbology- Canning

show us the results of your canning experiments! You might knit a pickle green shawl with seed beads, spin a textured art yarn just like your favorite chunky salsa, or dye some delicious raspberry jam red yarn.
Jessica- spin

Muggle Studdies – submarines

1) “A sky of blue, a sea of green, in our yellow submarine.” Craft in blue, green, or yellow.
2) Craft a beetle.
Jessica- spin

Potions Polyjuice Potion,

craft a disguise or part of a disguise. This can be a disguise that helps you pose as someone else, blend in with Muggles, or even to hide from Halloween mayhem.

Transfiguration to practice avis and avifors by producing birds OR bats.

You may produce actual 3-dimensional representations or use patterns which clearly suggest birds or bats, their feathers, or flight. This is open to interpretation provided you supply a clear explanation of just how your creation reflects the birds or bats. You may use any craft to do this, but you will have to create the birds or bats yourself; you will not be permitted to merely craft with a bird or bat-printed fabric



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