The Lame Sisters Episodes 121

Planning Podcast:

Newts: will be worth 450 points total

September 1 – September 30: 50% benchmark for 75 pts

October 1 – October 31: 75% benchmark for 125 pts

November 1 – November 30: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts

Owls: will be worth 200 points total

  • September 1st – 30th: OWL proposals may be submitted. OWLs should only be started after they are approved by the relevant examiner.
  • October 1st – 31st: Midterm 50% submissions are accepted.
  • November 1st – 30th: Final OWL submissions are accepted



Sept 1: Receive recruitment message from the Order – begin to plan

Sept 5: First day to submit BROOMs

Sept 14: Last day to submit BROOMs

Sept 21: Missions are GO!

Nov 2: First day to return from Mission and submit report

Nov 16: Last day to return from Mission and submit report


Recruitment under Mission Chief Isisonearth:

Follow the Bonny Path – There is a whole realm of unaligned magical beings out there waiting for you to explore. What would it take for you to win the aid of the Good Neighbors for the Order? You never get something for nothing in the Wild so be prepared to barter or you may be tempted to give up the color of your eyes or your memory of rainbows for their aid. The Wild Folk never lie but the truth is rarely what we hear. Be wary or your visit may last longer than you expected and you need to return within the limits of the protective spells.

Follow the Moon – Remus Lupin lived with the werewolves for a time and attempted to recruit them to the Order’s cause. During his sojourn in the Wild he learned that there is really only one thing the Children of the Moon will follow. Craft something inspired by the moon.

Central Command under Mission Chief fricknfrack:

Ride the Knight Bus – Order members need to be prepared for all eventualities, including the need to leave a situation immediately. Luckily, there’s the Knight Bus. It’s violently purple in color, three decks tall, and provides emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. Go from there.

Coordinate Operations at Headquarters – Molly Weasley cleaned and cooked so the Order members would have a welcoming environment when they reported in from their dangerous duties. Craft something that will make your personal headquarters more inviting or that will make your cooking/entertaining/meals more successful.

Security under Mission Chief GazeboGal:

Patrol the Castle Grounds – many different creatures come out of the Forest to wander the grounds and each of us is drawn to learn magical and philosophical lessons from such mysterious animals. Prepare yourself for this assignment by studying one or more magical creatures and crafting objects that will remind you of their appearance or behavior.

BodyGuard Duty: -Guard the Muggle Prime Minister’s Family- The increased vigilance of the Ministry could bode ill for the Muggle World as well. Create garments or accessories (or one large garment) for a member of the First Family to wear which includes a magical symbol that you can use to track them.

Undercover Operations under Mission Chief Cindiknits

Undercover with Charlie Weasley: – We know that at least one dragon is in peril, but there may be more! Protect the dragons by learning about them from a master. One of the finest dragonkeepers known to the wizarding world is Charlie Weasley. Fortunately, he is also a member of the Order, and has agreed to take a number of agents under his wing as apprentice dragonkeepers. He can teach you all he knows, but you’ll have to provide your own protective gear. Craft something that would help you fit in and survive being a dragonkeeper.

Undercover at Gringotts – History tells us of the heroic rescue of the dragon kept chained and miserable deep inside Gringotts. We have credible information that another dragon has been captured and is being “trained” as a replacement. This cannot be allowed! We need agents to infiltrate Gringotts, earn the trust of the goblins, and rescue the dragon. To do this, craft something that the goblins would value. (Ex: intricate workmanship, inspired by metals or jewels, ancient pattern, etc)



September 4: House Quidditch Rosters to be posted in Quidditch Thread

September 5 – 18: Match 1 and Match 1.5

September 23 – October 7: Match 2

October 12 – October 27: Match 3

November 6 – November 27: Match 4


Match 1 – Accio Permission Slip! September 5 – September 18

Madame Umbridge left herself room to approve our clubs, teams and groups, but I would wager that a little flattery might go a long way. For this match each player will make something that would appeal to Dolores Umbridge to convince her to let your house play Quidditch. This is not a house pride match but rather we want you to make something to butter up the High Inquisitor. Cats, pink things, tea related items, evil quills ….whatever you can argue she would love is game.

Only a single project may be submitted for this round. Dolores is a quality not quantity kind of witch. Your completed turn in will earn your house 15 points.

Hint – There is a secret bonus point possibility this round if you MAKE are one of her favorites.




NEWT: rolags and monsters

OOTP: cobblestone sweater for me




NEWT: Mash up spinning


Quidditch:   .



Ancient Runes:

Arithmancy: Craft something that has two equal parts. This can be a pair of items, something made with half of one color and half of another, a two ply handspun yarn, or yarn dyed equally with two different colors. These are merely suggestions; however, if you are unsure if your project qualifies, please feel free to ask in the thread.


Allena- dye some yarn


Astronomy: Choose something you saw in the night sky with the aid of the telescope and craft something reminiscent of what you saw.



Allena Blanket squares?


Charms–  Crafting Charm Craft something “on automatic”, namely something simple or something you’ve made many times before.

Jessica- weave a scarf…

Allena- blanket squares


DADA  Knitters, crocheters and weavers should make one thing out of many parts. This means crafting an object assembled from at least two pieces (for example: the arms, legs, body, etc. of a stuffed animal; or a scarf that is grafted together in the center). The key is that the parts are distinctly separate at some point in the crafting process. This means that the pieces must be joined securely together in the finished object (seamed, grafted, etc.).

Spinners are asked to meet a different challenge. Because you are already experts at bringing plies together to form yarn, we ask that you bring together two or more different fiber types. Your professors will look fondly on you if you blend them yourself, but working with a braid that already combines different fibers is acceptable.

Dyers are encouraged to blend dyes together. You can combine different colors to make a new color (for example: mix yellow and red, then dye with the result), or explore the possibilities of multiple stage dyeing processes (for example: first dye your yarn yellow, then overdye with a red). Note, buying yellow yarn and applying the red dye isn’t enough… we want you personally to have played with at least two different colors for this one.

However, since all of the techniques are equally important….you need to master them all. Therefore special bonus will be granted in November to any students who successfully complete homework every month this term.

Jessica- dye! I have lots of things to dye…

Allena – dye some yarn


Herbology–  For your homework this month, we’d like you to study the protective nature of these plants through the Rav craft of your choice. We look forward to seeing your interpretation, whether you ‘cover’ a cold Herbologist’s head or ‘protect’ her hands with a pair of gloves.

Jessica- baby sweater

Allena- hat or mittens


Muggle Studdies –  Craft something to represent the Internet. You might make a network of tubes, something that carries information, something that carries just about anything else, a representation of cats or other internet memes, or something that connects you to friends. More technical-minded students might investigate ways to represent binary code or markup language in their crafting

Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted this month; getting prior approval is strongly encouraged.

Jessica – sew a bag?!

Allena – sew all the bags!


Potions Brew the Draught of Peace and show us the result. A properly brewed potion will be turquoise, emit a silvery vapour, and bring you peace and calm. An improperly brewed potion manifests in a variety of ways, as we have discussed, or might resemble one of the ingredients or an intermediate step of the brewing process. Don’t worry if your draught doesn’t work out perfectly — we are grading on completion here. Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted.


Allena- grey squares or teal bags i’ve sewn this month


Transfiguration For your homework this month, we would like for you to show us your textures. A few examples from our lesson today would be the cauldron which was a solid and the sieve which is hole-y or lacy. Also don’t forget about the fuzzy coat on the mouse and the grooved top of the button.



Regular Podcast




Baby sweater


working on another monster- Bea

started a baby sweater, Hundreds

You Spin me Right Round:


NEWT -lots and lots of singles




spun up one set of rolags.



Allena-  tried t25 and lamo failed… my back hurts.. I want the results of it but can’t do it just yet. I need to stick to cardioknitting


Jessica- started week 6- and moved onto the Beta section of Focus T25-

Random Randomness!  


I’m Jamberry Nails Consultant! New catalog!!!


Buy Phat!  Qualified entries are purchases made (8/17/14) through (9/14/14)We will be giving away the contents of the “Peace, Love and Fiber” PF preview Video (aka The Superbox) AND A $100 Gift Certificate to a participating shop

Flippin HOT

school starts tomorrow



made pumpkin spice syrup!





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