The Over Explaininator Episode 119


Jessica – Dot, Leah’s monster- #1 of my NEWT


Allena- Stitch Surfers pulled them out again on the heel!
Baby sweater

Jessica- monster, 2 of 4 for my NEWT
also working on a traveling shawl for a friend

You Spin me Right Round:

finished NEWT sampling and proposed then started NEWT

cormo is clean- dyeing is happening.- waiting for that to dry now
still have a bit of the Border Leicester to wash.
made 2 tiny batches of BL rolags- one without picking and just flicking the ends… the second with picking before carding. Much nicer rolags after using the picker.
I want to dye some of the BL too.


Allena- cardio knit monday
Jessica- on week 4! Focus T25-

Random Randomness!

I’m Jamberry Nails Consultant!
Buy Phat! Qualified entries are purchases made (7/13/14) through (8/16/14) please double check to see if your artist is on the “Birds of a Feather” The contents of the “Birds of a Feather” PF preview Video (aka The Superbox) AND A $150 Gift Certificate to a shop that participated in the box this month. Each item purchased is an entry, so create separate posts for each one.

Yarn Crawl goodies
Jaji girl
dr who


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