Hording Like a Dragon Episode 118


Jessica – Cecil- Truban’s monster


Allena- Stitch Surfers pulled them out again on the heel!

Jessica- monster, 1 of 4 for my NEWT

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- The Epic washing of the fleece NEWT Complete!!!
Won a TDF prize! Now to figure out how to spend it.
fiber trade with Jessica
started planning a NEWT- sampling

dyed up a bunch of BFL and faux cashmere. and some wool for Allena
cleaning 2 fleece- cormo-3lb, border leicester- 6lb. making 15 lb of rolags. spinning 12 oz.
Washed 2lb of the cormo… taking forever to dry. no spin cycle 😦
I bought some simple green to use for washing fleece!


Allena- cardio knit monday
Jessica- on week 3! Focus T25- my goal this week is to wake up early and do it first thing in the morning…

Random Randomness!

Get fabulous nails from me!
Buy Phat! Qualified entries are purchases made (7/13/14) through (8/16/14) please double check to see if your artist is on the “Birds of a Feather” The contents of the “Birds of a Feather” PF preview Video (aka The Superbox) AND A $150 Gift Certificate to a shop that participated in the box this month. Each item purchased is an entry, so create separate posts for each one.
rainy cool week = awesome! wore handknit!
Yarn Crawl Thursday
amazon prime

won $25 etsy gift card from the akerworks team for TdF!
donated 11 inches to Children with Hair loss
got my socks from Haizle
July pancake and lulu club fiber-


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