Selfish Mommy Award Episode 117


Jessica NEWT- Finished!!! and turned in.


Allena- Stitch Surfers on the heel!

Cecil- a red and green monster for Truban.

You Spin me Right Round:

Fiber Wash Report: All alpaca fleece is washed just have to spin 2nd set of rolags
Mashup 4plynply
I fail at TDF this year

Loop bump n4ply mashup- 634 yds, (2536 yds of singles)- 10 oz
Nerd Girl Yarn mashup- n4ply, 332yds (1328 yds of singles) – 8oz

how i mashed them up

TDF totals:
5919 yds of singles
1665 yds of plied yarn
35.5 oz


Allena – When sewing attacks!


Allena- hurt my back
Jessica- doing Focus T25-

Random Randomness!

I’m Jamberry Nails Consultant!
PhatFiber Contributor Box
Buy Phat! Qualified entries are purchases made (7/13/14) through (8/16/14) please double check to see if your artist is on the “Birds of a Feather” The contents of the “Birds of a Feather” PF preview Video (aka The Superbox) AND A $150 Gift Certificate to a shop that participated in the box this month. Each item purchased is an entry, so create separate posts for each one.
rainy cool week = awesome! wore handknit!
Rubarb Kuchen= awesome
Zuchinni and Cukes GALORE in my garden. also butternut squash
Yarn Crawl next week

Went camping!
hair appt for friday~


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