White Thang Episode 115

We are sorry for the quality of the video we were having a few internet problems. Please be patient with us!

Allena- TWSP sock swap
Jessica- cardio socks!- blocking


NEWT- Truban’s blanket- starting on the last 5 balls of yarn.

You Spin me Right Round:
Allena- The Epic washing of the fleece NEWT
Fiber Wash Report: 1 alpaca fleece is washed and drying
TDF Finally spinning the green rolags from NaturallyKnitty.com

order mission.-
350 yds of BFL- 2ply
matchless- falkland- orange and June pancake and lulu
how i’m going to mash them up=
sidekick- loop bump


Allena- went for a walk with the dog
Jessica- Started doing Focus T25-

Random Randomness!

I’m Jamberry Nails Consultant!
HUGE box of yarn from Amy
DJmeurer sent me a lazy kate. So awesome!
4th of July at Idlewilde
got my socks
got a ton of audio books from the library

new cup!
Truban is 5- birthday
4th of jUly with the Withrows in Sturgeon Bay
I’ve been digging on making summer salads.

New cup! #itsthesmallthings #icedcoffee

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