All that counts is TDF! Episode 114


Jessica- cardio socks!


OoTP medusa
socks for cardio challenge almost done

NEWT- Truban’s blanket- 1/2 way done! = 75% of the newt!- took a pic, need to turn it in

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- The Epic washing of the fleece NEWT
Fiber Wash Report: corm and suffolk spun. Picked through Alpaca

spinning on my order mission.-


Allena sewed a bunch of special orders


Jessica- been biking a lot. not cardioknitting though

Random Randomness!

I’m Jamberry Nails Consultant!
garden doing awesome
HUGE light tent. HUGE
so freakin hot
lego movie
HP marathon

put in pool

Planing Podcast

CoMC- augurey
Craft something to help maintain the augureys’ habitat, either by:
bringing moisture or rain to the area (craft something to hold water, conjure clouds or rain, represent water or clouds), or
increasing the insect/fairy population in the area (craft representations of insects or fairies, or make something that is appealing to them)**
Non-rav crafts with prior approval

Charms- Colovaria charm
Master the Colovaria charm by creating something with color changes. If turning in a complete color change, posting a before picture with your turn in is required.

DADA Glacius spell
Craft something that protects you by keeping you warm while you practice the freezing spell.

Divination- karma
Your assignment for this month is to give back to the future by improving your karma. Craft something, and in your crafting, do something good for the world outside yourself. You might choose to craft an item that you then donate to charity. Or you might craft something to comfort a friend going through a rough time. Or you may even spend some time crafting with those in need.
Non-ravelry crafts will be accepted for this homework.

Flying – camouflage
Craft an item, or items, to blend in with the sky or disguise yourself as a flying Muggle animal or form of aerial transportation. If you are relating this to a Divination project, link to your June class submission in your turn-in post.

Herbology- Roots
Make an item that calls back to the reason you began crafting. If you were taught at your grandmother’s knee you could make a baby sweater like the ones she always churned out. If a friend’s amazing shawl got your mojo going, do it justice by making a wrap of your own. If your early days were ruled by endless scarves go ahead and plow through another. We want to see the connection between what you make and your crafting “roots”.

History of Magic – Goblin Rebellion of 1612 a dramatic recreation
You may choose to be a wizard, a goblin or a barkeeper, and we’ll need some props
Make a prop for your chosen character in the rebellion drama. We will be accepting non-Ravelry crafts, including metalwork, jewelry or fiber-related crafts (sewing, macramé, tatting, etc.).

Potions – Babbling Beverage
We invite you to craft something nonsensical and silly, just as this potion is nonsensical and silly. If you prefer to take a more practical approach, might we suggest you create a way to keep your mouth shut until the effects the potion wear off.


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