#YouCanSeeAHole Episode 113


socks for cardio challenge

NEWT- Truban’s blanket- 1/2 way done! = 75% of the newt!- took a pic, need to turn it in
Cardio Sock Swap socks – past heel- used fish lips kiss heel

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- The Epic washing of the fleece NEWT
Fiber Wash Report: L/BL done Suffolk all clean. Picked through Alpaca Spinning cormo now

spinning on my order mission.-
spinning some Corgi Hill Farm fiber– jimson weed, merino/tussah- for flying class. going to be a cabled yarn. finished!


Allena sewed a bunch of sachets for Phat Fiber


Jessica- been biking a lot. not cardioknitting though

Random Randomness!

I’m Jamberry Nails Consultant!
garden doing awesome
Idlewild season passes
new ninja
i’m lame

Tallula got spayed!
Chloe broke her arm on the first day of summer.
Wedding Reception/Allena was here!
made cool hanging things for mason jars
Kids went to camp- i drove a ton. go me!
Went away for the weekend with Kaite!


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