Porkacheese Episode 112


OoTP started.
socks for cardio challenge

NEWT- Truban’s blanket- almost 1/2 way done! = 75% of the newt!
Cardio Sock Swap socks

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- The Epic washing of the fleece NEWT
Fiber Wash Report: L/BL dry, plying now. Suffolk half washed.

spinning on my order mission.- plied up two bobbins.
spinning some Corgi Hill Farm fiber- jimson weed, merino/tussah- for flying class. going to be a cabled yarn.


Allena sewed some purple… i wonder if I can turn it in.

Random Randomness!

I’m Jamberry Nails Consultant!
Sweet frog
blanket hug from HPKCHC awesome
got my garden in.

Huge Hug blanket from HPKCHC!
hostess benefitsmy Jamberry order came in! SO MUCH STUFF!
13 wraps + 3 of the exclusive wraps + poolside lacquer set + cuticle oil!.
Just booked our camping trip for late in July!
made some laundry soap- lots faster with a food processor.
Pancake and Lulu fiber- May and June.
took the animals into the Vet.- spaying scheduled for next week.
Tallula destroyed my yarn.
last day of school is tomorrow. eep.


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