I want a Pokemon! Episode 111

Planning Podcast:

June 30: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
July 31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts

June 30th: deadline for submission of OWLs at 50%
July 31st: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.

Sunday, June 29 – Missions may be handed in, beginning at the start of the day.
Sunday, July 13 – last day to hand in Missions, end of the day. (beginnings and ends of days are always midnight, PrincessOnica Time)


Round 3: Craft and submit 1 project using a minimum of 200 yards. Completed Projects will be awarded 25 Points.
Semi-final Round: Craft and submit 1 project using a minimum of 300 yards. Completed Projects will be awarded 30 Points.
Final Round: Craft and submit 1 project using a minimum of 450 yards. Completed Projects will be awarded 45 Points.
Very Important: A student must complete and submit a project in the previous Round to be eligible to submit a project for the following Round.
A student needs to participate in Round 1 to be able to participate in Round 2; and so on. For Rounds 1 & 2, the maximum number of projects do not need to be submitted, only the minimum.
June 4: May Seeker Prize lists due to kims
May 30-June 8: Round 3
June 13-29: Semi-finals
July 4: June Seeker Prize lists due to kims
July 4-27: Finals
August 4: July Seeker Prize lists due to kims
Teams and Brackets http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/hp-knitting-crochet-house-cup/2914209/1-25#5

NEWT: blankets/socks- Transfig/DADA
OOTP: spin sweater’s worth of yarn
Quidditch: squares

NEWT: Epic washing of the Fleece
OOTP: Medussa
Quidditch: squares .

CoMC- kelpie

Craft something to bridle a kelpie into submission, or to protect yourself from kelpie attack.

Allena- Spin something. use Blue for camoflauge



Craft something funny. Please include an explanation of why this object makes YOU laugh.


DADA -Cornish Pixies

Your homework is create something to Immobilize Pixies should you be attacked. Craft something strong to catch and hold them or distract the pixies while you catch them.
Allena- Spin rope to tie them up

Divination- Aeromancy

Your assignment for this month is to study the cloud formations you have recorded in your sketchbook. Be inspired by colors, textures, shapes, and images. Tell us what you saw in the sky ceiling, and how you interpreted what you saw.
Allena-MLP or bunnies

Flying –

Follow a leader. Find a project that a currently-enrolled House Cup classmate created and make the same thing.
Knitters, crocheters, and weavers: Follow the same pattern; produce the same object. You may make modifications as to size and yarn to fit your own needs. If your target crafter did not use a pattern (or didn’t link to it), just show that your crafting produced the same result as theirs.
Spinners: Try your best to match weight, ply structure/technique, and other physical properties of the yarn. Colorways do not need to be the same, though if the technique depends on multicolored fiber please use with the same general type of color variation (e.g. you canfractal-spin a solid white roving, but the finished project won’t reflect the technique in any easily visible way. But a red-yellow-blue fractal-spun roving is a perfectly acceptable imitation of a black-and-white one.).
Dyers: Use the same dyeing technique; produce a similar colorway. Dyeing can be much less easily predictable than other crafts, particularly for beginners, so don’t worry if your kettle-dyed blobs are distributed differently from their blobs or if your red dye turns out to not be the same red as theirs. Just do your best and explain how you imitated your target dyework.
Please link to the project page (or stash page for spinning and dyeing) of the project you are emulating in your turn in.


Enjoy the fruits of your labors, and craft something better! Take a look at your past project(s) and find one or two techniques that challenged you to learn and grow as a crafter. Then use those hard-won skills to craft a new project. Explain how this project is the fruit of your previous projects.
Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted with prior approval.
Allena- socks

History of Magic – Soap Blizzard of 1378

For your homework, craft something inspired by the Soap Blizzard of 1378! Please explain in your turn in how your project relates to the Soap Blizzard. We are accepting non-Ravelry crafts that fit the prompt.
Jessica- Clean fleece


Craft something inspired by Professor Snape or his Shrinking Solution (either as it brews, or its after effects). This can include:
Resizing an object by felting or resizing a pattern to a smaller size.
Colors of the potion: red, yellow, purple, pink, or green. (One of the colors must be a main color in your project.)
Crafting something that resembles the motions of your cauldron work involved in potion making.
Allena- spin green rolags

Regular Podcast


OoTP started
socks for cardio challenge

Truban’s Blanket
Cardio Sock Swap socks started.

You Spin me Right Round:

spun up rainbow turned in for herbology
The Epic washing of the fleece NEWT
Fiber Wash Report: Jacob spun. Started spinning L/BL washed it all

spinning on my order mission.


Allena Turned in sewn bags for Flying


Allena- worked out! baby!

Random Randomness!


new nails

planted the garden
cleaned a bit
getting rid of some spindles!
finished the Divergent series.
Started Game of Thrones.


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