New Month. New Term. Lame Planning Episode 108

Planning Podcast:

Newts: will be worth 450 points total
May 31: 50% benchmark for 75 pts
June 30: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
July 31: 100% final benchmark for 250 pts

Owls: will be worth 200 points total
May 1st – 31st: OWL proposals may be submitted. OWLs should only be started after they are approved by the relevant examiner.
June 30th: deadline for submission of OWLs at 50%
July 31st: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.

Sunday, May 4 – B.R.O.O.M.s may be submitted to the Chiefs, use the format in the Codex, beginning at midnight at the start of the day.
Wednesday, May 14 – Last day for B.R.O.O.M.s to be submitted at the end of the day. Remember if your Chief asks you to adjust your B.R.O.O.M. for magical safety, you are obligated to make the change in your original B.R.O.O.M. document.
Sunday, May 18 – Go!
Sunday, June 29 – Missions may be handed in, beginning at the start of the day.
Sunday, July 13 – last day to hand in Missions, end of the day. (beginnings and ends of days are always midnight, PrincessOnica Time)

For each round, Students will craft an item that supports the country that they are cheering for using the required yardage minimums listed below. Points will be awarded as listed.
Round 1: Craft and submit up to 3 projects. No yardage minimum is required. Each project will be awarded 15 Points. A student may only support a National Team once during this round. If three projects are submitted, it must be for 3 different National Teams.
Round 2: Craft and submit up to 2 projects. Each project must use a minimum of 100 yards OR be crafted for charity without a yardage minimum. Each project will be awarded 20 Points. A student may only support a National Team once during this round. If two projects are submitted, it must be for 2 different National Teams.
Round 3: Craft and submit 1 project using a minimum of 200 yards. Completed Projects will be awarded 25 Points.
Semi-final Round: Craft and submit 1 project using a minimum of 300 yards. Completed Projects will be awarded 30 Points.
Final Round: Craft and submit 1 project using a minimum of 450 yards. Completed Projects will be awarded 45 Points.
Very Important: A student must complete and submit a project in the previous Round to be eligible to submit a project for the following Round.
A student needs to participate in Round 1 to be able to participate in Round 2; and so on. For Rounds 1 & 2, the maximum number of projects do not need to be submitted, only the minimum.
May 4: House Quidditch Rosters to be posted in Quidditch Thread
May 2-11: Round 1
May 16-25: Round 2
June 4: May Seeker Prize lists due to kims
May 30-June 8: Round 3
June 13-29: Semi-finals
July 4: June Seeker Prize lists due to kims
July 4-27: Finals
August 4: July Seeker Prize lists due to kims
Teams and Brackets

NEWT: blankets/socks- Transfig/DADA

NEWT: Epic washing of the Fleece
OOTP: Medussa
Quidditch: squares or something

CoMC- Peryton
we need to work quickly. Use your magic to entice the Peryton to come to you, trap it humanely, or treat its infected hoof. If you want you may work in groups of three to solve ALL THREE problems for possible bonus points. Establish your teams early, and announce them on this thread before May 18th. When you turn in your homework, be sure to link to your teammates’ turn ins.
Allena- mini socks
Jessica-stock swap socks!

Charms- Portus charm
Craft something that can be used as a portkey. Must include some blue.
Allena- spin maybe?

DADA bioluminescence
Your assignment is to craft something inspired by a bioluminescent organism. This could be the physical organism, where the organism lives, what the organism uses bioluminescence for, the color of light it produces, etc. We will be accepting non-rav crafts this month with prior approval, and especially encourage unusual (ie non-textile) ones. Go crazy!

Divination- Celebrate the Double Six Domino.
To celebrate the double six domino, we are looking for an object or objects that are made up of exactly SIX distinct parts. For example, these components can be types of stitches, or stitch patterns. They can be colors. They can be plies. What is important here is how you explain how your object is clearly composed of SIX parts.
Jessica- 6ply yarn (nply held double)

Flying – Broom Packing
Craft an item, or items, to get your belongings home from school or shopping on your broom. Extra points may be given for creative photos of your locomotion notions!
Non-rav crafts accepted!!
Jessica- sew?!

Herbology- the flowers are in bloom.
For your assignment this month we would like you to take your inspiration from the blooms you see. Craft or dye a garden of color or, pick a favorite flower for your inspiration.
Allena- spin green rolags
Jessica- spin

History of Magic – Flame-Freezing Charm
For your homework, we’d like you to create something that tickles your fancy so much that you have made or would make it multiple times. There is no need to show us any previous projects; however, do explain what it is about this project that makes you enjoy it so much.

Potions -identify the potion
craft something that resembles the potion as it is brewing or the ingredients used to make it. This can include:
Colors that the potion turns during brewing – turquoise, pink, red, blue, silver or green. (You can use one or more of these colors but it should be obvious that you are using one of these colors in your project.)
Craft something that resembles one of the ingredients used in the potion – fairy wings, dragonflies, eggs or seahorses.
Crafting something that resembles the brewing process itself – heating and adding items to get a desired color (dyeing) – stirring the ingredients (in the round, spinning) – having to watch over it (needs your attention)
There may be bonus points if you identify the name of the potion in your turn in post.

Podcast Notes


Jessica- mom’s socks/newt socks


Stitch Surfers
TDS socks

NEWT. started on Gabe’s blanket-

You Spin me Right Round:

The Epic washing of the fleece NEWT
Fiber Wash Report: Jacob, L/BL and Suffolk have had 1.5lbs washed and 3-4 oz processed. Cormo has 1-2 lbs washed and maybe 1 oz processed Mohair is combed and spun, needs plied
finished rolags for socalmeaghan on IG

Random Randomness!

Buy PHAT! StarKnits or Naturallyknitty
I’m a New Jamberry Nails Consultant! You’re invited to my First Party!
Reducio swap
Phat Fiber package

akerworks bobbin tester– received it! so cool


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