The Big Month of Small Things Episode 103

Planning Podcast:

Newts: will be worth 450 points total
March 31: 100% final benchmark 250 pts

Owls: will be worth 200 points total
March 31st: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.
SATURDAY, March 1st, beginning of day, POT – Missions may be turned in
SATURDAY, March 15th, end of day, POT, Missions DUE!


March 6 – 23: March 6 – 23: Teamwork
You’ve all done a wonderful job of researching and practicing the different attributes of some Professional Quidditch Teams. Now, it’s time to put those skills to the test and show the scouts that you really can work as a team and put those traits to work!
Option 1: Partner with another student and choose one Professional Quidditch Team. Each student should craft a different type of item representing their team’s attribute and show how those attributes can make the two different finished projects work together.
Students may submit up to 2 projects for this challenge. You can stay with the same partner or mix it up and choose a different partner each time. Projects will earn 15 base points. Partners my do combo-posts with each other, but please only post one set of projects per post. A student may choose to do either Option for their first turn-in and either Option for their 2nd turn in. A student is not limited to doing an Option only once.
Students are encouraged (but not required) to form Inter-house friendships and craft with a student from a different House. Students who branch out and work with a student from a different House will earn Bonus Points.

NEWT: transfig/Comc- blankets/mitts
OOTP: Follow your arrow MKAL

OWL- detention finish 2 sweaters
OOTP: shawl
Quidditch: .

Ancient Runes: Ogham

1) Craft an item using the simple beauty of the lines (vertical, horizontal and diagonal).
2) Craft an item incorporating a message in Ogham – tell us what it means
3) Craft an item to represent the tree that a letter stands for, this can either be symbolic or represent a part of the tree (and tell us the letter and tree you chose)
Jessica- stripy socks?! opt1

Arithmancy: Master Numbers

Option 1: 11- craft what you’re drawn to! Practicality be darned to heck. Fun fur scarves? A mushroom? Knitted bacon? Make something unusual or impractical for the joy of the product.
Option 2: 22- craft with great power! Attempt one of the ambitious projects languishing in your queue, or something that expands on something you’ve done before. Go BIG! Give it a try and succeed or fail spectacularly then tell us all about it.
Option 3: 33- craft something that will uplift mankind. Craft something that will be given to charity. Please note the charity in your turn in.

Jessica- opt- finish mom’s yarn-


Option 1 – It’s a Gradual Thing. Craft something that takes on a gradual increase and/or decrease. This could include a lovely triangle shawl, dyeing yarn in gradient colorways, or even spinning yarn that is self striping with gradual changes.
Option 2 – Live it up. Craft something inspired by life on the equator. This could be cultures, wildlife, ecosystems, geology, whatever, as long as it’s found on the equator (references in your turn-in posts would be appreciated).
We will be accepting sewing projects this month for option 2.

CoMC- Streeler

1) Create something that would protect you from the Streeler’s toxic venom
2) Create something that changes as you look at it. It could employ different colors, different patterns, or some sort of optical illusion like in shadow knitting.
Jessica – Leah’s cowl

Charms- Scourgify

Option 1. Craft something to aid you in cleaning.
Option 2. Clean up a pattern or fiber by altering it to better fit your size or preferences, or clean up a “dirty” yarn or fiber you don’t like the color of by overdyeing it.
Allena- washcloth
Jessica- dishcloth.. or dyeing.


Summary: Craft an item that represents the item you found in one of the offices of a DADA Professor from Harry Potter’s time at Hogwart’s. Please tell us whose office you would have found this item, and why you believe it would have been found in this professor’s office.
Allena-anniversary something
Jessica- something for Tallulah


Option 1: Let us see what fertilizes your crafting minds. Knit, crochet, spin, weave, or dye using something that has fed your imagination or helped you grow as a crafter. This might be a new technique you learned, something that you designed yourself, someone else’s design that caught your imagination, a project that inspired you to craft for others…the sky’s the limit. Just tell us what you’ve created and how it inspired you or helped you grow.
Option 2: Craft a toilet-paper cozy. Because really, you know we had to go there.
Jessica- spin… mashup?

History of Magic

Craft something based on a historic prophesy and/or its effects. You may select a ‘well-known’ historic prophecy, like Harry’s prophecy or ‘Beware the Ides of March’, or Cassandra’s prophecies from the Trojan War, or it could be a little-known prophecy you have discovered from Wizarding history or even a prophecy only you know about.



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