It Smells So Good Episode 101

Mojo/No Mojo:

Kitty Hut-


Detention OWL Hermione Cardigan
and Shalom Cardigan
Order Misson
purple wallaby

NEWT: started Leah’s blanket.- handed in 75%!
started my Order Mission- started Clue 4- about half way through

You Spin me Right Round:

1 1/2 bobbins of moms done
yarn for Quidditch!:
storied yarns – took 2 braids- Katniss and Peta colorways- split them up and divided them into colors…
119 yds 2ply- red yellow orange
152 yds 2ply- blue and gray
started spinning Unwind Yarn Company- in Stormfront.


Allena- yes lots of sewing HMC? maybe
Jessica- need to go fabric shopping for my swap partner!


new challenge
Allena- I suck
Jessica- me too. but working on portion control- going well.

Random Randomness!

PACASHA GIVEAWAY for 100th episode postponed to 101
A skein on Turbo Twist dyed to order Winner #4
also a WIP bag Winner #22
local goats mik soap
Lambcho00= awesome sent me mini skeins
phat fiber box!!!
Buy Phat! Prize thread
flax seeds-hair stuff pintrest
mini skeins.

finally using my new phone! yay- cool camera thing.
rubberband bracelets!
crazy weather
mini skein staff swap sent out!


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