Won’t You Be My Nostepinne?! – Episode 100

Mojo/No Mojo:

Headmisstress Challenge
Ugly Cool hat for leah


Detention OWL Hermione Cardigan and Shalom Cardigan
Order Misson
purple wallaby

NEWT: Leah’s blanket.-
started my Order Mission- done with Clue 3
Kitty Hut-

You Spin me Right Round:

Jessica– Started spinning Mom’s yarn. split and prepped all 16 oz.


Allena– I did a TON of special orders trying to get my self ready for PGH K&C show and HYP I bought new fabric


new challenge
Allena- I suck
Jessica- once so far this week.
Sent out the prize yarn!

Random Randomness!

100 episode
PACASHA GIVEAWAY from Younger Yarns for 100th episode postponed to 101
A skein on Turbo Twist dyed to order
to enter submit a photo for inspiration (that you’d love to see dyed in yarn)
also a WIP bag from StarKnits

Hogsmeade weekend only happens 1 weekend
red cupcakes
Knits Picks
New crochet hook (glows in the dark!)
sheep by bella
new purse
new game

new phone- Republic Wireless
ordered otterboxes
got a Totoro case for my tablet!
tried out a new coffee shop- super cute and cozy!
Watched Robin Hood BBC on netflix
Roller Skating for Awana-


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