Time Traveling Episode 99

Mojo/No Mojo:

green chapstick cozy
2 fedoras

chapstick cozy


Detention OWL Hermione Cardigan
and Shalom Cardigan
Order Misson
purple wallaby

NEWT: Leah’s blanket.-
started my Order Mission- done with the second clue.

You Spin me Right Round:

finished loop batt
Jessica- dyed some roving.


Allena- Sachets


new challenge
Allena- reached goal last week. 1 time this week. new goal

Jessica- once so far this week.

Random Randomness!

PACASHA GIVEAWAY for 100th episode
A skein on Turbo Twist dyed to order
to enter submit a photo for inspiration (that you’d love to see dyed in yarn)

Planning Podcast:

Newts: will be worth 450 points total
Winter 2014 N.E.W.T. Timeline:
February 28: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
March 31: 100% final benchmark 250 pts

Owls: will be worth 200 points total
OWL Timetable for Winter ‘14
February 28th: deadline for submission of OWLs at 50%
March 31st: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.
SATURDAY, March 1st, beginning of day, POT – Missions may be turned in
SATURDAY, March 15th, end of day, POT, Missions DUE!

Training for a spot on a professional team.
Professional Quidditch Teams and their Attributes
Chudley Cannons: Team Motto is “Keep our Fingers Crossed and Hope for the best.” Cables!
Montrose Magpies: OooO Shiny!!!!!!
Tutshill Tornadoes: Things made in-the-round, spinning projects
Quiberon Quafflepunchers: Known for their flamboyancy. Be flamboyant.
Gorodok Gargoyles: Amigurumi, stuffed toys
Wigtown Wanderers: Team members are often descendants of the founder. Keep it simple.
Caerphilly Catapults: Known for the Dangerous, exciting and foolhardy feats.
Appleby Arrows: Lace
Puddlemere United: blanket squares, hexipuffs
Some of these Attributes are very specific, some are a bit more open. Have fun! Be creative!
And remember, a Team’s Colors are not what we’re asking for here.
We are asking for 2 tags this term: Your usual House tag, but also a tag representing the Team you choose to craft and represent. Please see the Tags Post for these tags.

A Schedule of Events!
February 7 – 26: The Longest Quidditch Match in History
For this Challenge, a student may submit up to 3 projects started and finished during the time of this event. Please explain how your project(s) display an attribute of one of the teams listed in post 4. You do not have to choose the same team that you chose in the first Challenge, nor does each item you make have to be for the same team in this round. Show us your skills and how you would be an asset to any of the teams listed. Each project will be awarded 15 base points.
Bonus Points will be given for:
Cumulative yardage of the (up to) 3 projects submitted:
~ 250 yards gets 10 bonus points
~ 500 yards gets 35 bonus points
~ 750 yards gets 60 bonus points

Arithmancy Karmic Lessons and Hidden Passions
1) Karmic Lessons- Craft something you secretly are longing for. Are you a Slytherin who deep down inside wants a pink frilly scarf? Are you a Ravenclaw who secretly wants to create an army of mochi mochi? Here’s your chance!
2) Hidden Passions- What are you passionate about? Is it a book, a movie, a person? Anime, socks, the Bride from Kill Bill! Craft them all!


Option 1: A study of the Full Snow Moon or Full Hunger Moon. You can take a literal approach or go the more figurative route. Perhaps you could try thrumming with those big fluffy tufts of yarn, give a go at spinning bulky or super bulky yarn, or even dyeing yarn in the perfect winter’s night colorway.
Option 2: A deeper appreciation of Luna Lovegood. Allow her to be your muse as you work on your assignment. Weave, knit, crochet, or dye three or more colors that you normally wouldn’t think go together. Spin some novelty yarn. Whatever you create, be sure to explain how your assignment is inspired by her!
Option 3: A bit cheesy. Create something silly, quirky or just plain cheesy. If you can make us giggle, we’ll accept it.


CoMC- Demiguise
Option 1: Study the demiguise’s diet of leaves.
Option 2: Study the art of weaving as if you were weaving demiguise hair.
Option 3: Study the demiguise’s hair and/or coloring. White or white with black OR silk.
Jessica- dyed fiber

Flying/Charms –
Option 1:Knit/crochet/weave Craft an object that will cushion you from any type of fall. Make us believers as to why this will cushion you.
Option 2: Knit/crochet/weave Craft an object that will prevent you from falling. Convince us this will prevent you from your fall.
Option 3: Spin/Dye Spin or dye some ‘fluff’ that will help cushion you. Or spin or dye some ‘rope/yarn’ that will prevent you from falling.


History of Magic
Craft something relating to a legend or tale, or to its historical wizarding origins. Knit Little Red Riding Hood’s cloak, weave Arachne’s tapestry, crochet the booties worn by the kneezle from ‘Puss in Boots’ or spin with Sleeping Beauty. Let your imagination – and your collection of myths, tales and legends – have free reign.


Muggle Studdies – Olympics
Summary: Craft something using all the colors of a flag of a country participating in the Olympics. Please include the country you chose to study in your turn in. You may not add colors that are not found in the flag itself, and you may not omit colors. Shades of the same color will be permitted- for example, light blue substituted for a medium blue is acceptable, but light green may not be used for yellow or gold. If in doubt, please check with the professors first.

Craft something depicting the colors/color changes of the Love Potion Antidote while it brews.
End an obsession. Craft a project or use a technique that you have obsessed over and won’t be happy until you have completed it.
The wiki says that in the book the potion was clear (so white for our purposes), in the movie, red; and in the video game, pink.
the game gives even more detailed colour changes
Add four Wiggentree twigs, or until the potion turns green.
Stir until the potion turns orange.
Add castor oil until the potion turns blue.
Stir until the potion turns purple.
Add extract of Gurdyroot until the potion turns red.
Add Wiggentree twigs.
Add Extract of Gurdyroot until the potion turns purple.
Leave the potion to simmer till it turns red.
Add more gurdyroot extract till it turns green.
Stir till it turns orange.
Add seven Wiggentree twigs.
Allow to simmer till it turns pink.
we’ll accept any combination of these colours for option 1 including the book or film end colour with the game progress colours

Allena- wallaby

Your project should resemble a kumquat fruit in some way: small or yellow or orange. Please refer to the FAQ in post 1 of this thread for clarification on the terms “small,” “orange,” and “yellow.”
How small is small enough to fit this prompt? Your item, to qualify as “small,” needs to be for small people (such as babies or toddlers), in small sizes (as opposed to medium or large- so it could be a small thing for an elephant, and still be acceptable), or a mini-item instead of a full-sized item.
How much yellow or orange do I need to have in my project? Over 50% of the item needs to be visibly orange and/or yellow. No qualifications on other colors.
Does it need to be small AND orange/yellow?
Nope, small OR yellow OR orange. Large yellow objects or small green ones are completely acceptable

Allena- Perry Hat


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