I Like the Color Green -Episode 97

Mojo/No Mojo:

Quidditch Square

Chloe’s blanket-
hat for speed quidditch-
baby sweater


Detention OWL Hermione Cardigan
and Shalom Cardigan
Cabled Slouchy Hat
Stitch Surfer socks
Order Misson

green hat- for me?! wrote the pattern down-! need to make it a pdf.
NEWT: started Leah’s blanket.
started my Order Mission– done with the first clue!

You Spin me Right Round:

spining a loop bat for sock yarn.


New challenge
Disclaimer please be careful when cardioknitting don’t do anything dangerous.

Allena- reached goal last week. nothing yet this week.
Jessica- 1x so far this week!

Random Randomness!

not super important but I looked on Itunes and saw we have a 1 star review… with no comment explaining it. that makes me a little sad.
green nail polish
finally bagged up my dried lavender
Star Wars day at Library

listening to city of bones books


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