The LONG Planning One Episode 94

Planning Podcast:

will be worth 450 points total
Winter 2014 N.E.W.T. Timeline:
January 31: 50% benchmark for 75 pts
February 28: 75% benchmark for 125 pts
March 31: 100% final benchmark 250 pts

will be worth 200 points total
OWL Timetable for Winter ‘14
January 1st – 31st: OWL proposals may be submitted. OWLs should only be started after they are approved by the relevant examiner.
February 28th: deadline for submission of OWLs at 50%
March 31st: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.

SATURDAY, January 4th, beginning of day, POT – BROOMS will be accepted!
TUESDAY, January 14th, end of day, POT – BROOMS no longer accepted!.
SATURDAY, January 18th, beginning of day, POT – Missions GO!!!
SATURDAY, March 1st, beginning of day, POT – Missions may be turned in
SATURDAY, March 15th, end of day, POT, Missions DUE!

Training for a spot on a professional team.
Professional Quidditch Teams and their Attributes
Chudley Cannons: Team Motto is “Keep our Fingers Crossed and Hope for the best.” Cables!
Montrose Magpies: OooO Shiny!!!!!!
Tutshill Tornadoes: Things made in-the-round, spinning projects
Quiberon Quafflepunchers: Known for their flamboyancy. Be flamboyant.
Gorodok Gargoyles: Amigurumi, stuffed toys
Wigtown Wanderers: Team members are often descendants of the founder. Keep it simple.
Caerphilly Catapults: Known for the Dangerous, exciting and foolhardy feats.
Appleby Arrows: Lace
Puddlemere United: blanket squares, hexipuffs
Some of these Attributes are very specific, some are a bit more open. Have fun! Be creative!
And remember, a Team’s Colors are not what we’re asking for here.
We are asking for 2 tags this term: Your usual House tag, but also a tag representing the Team you choose to craft and represent. Please see the Tags Post for these tags.

A Schedule of Events!
January 3 – 15: Practice, Practice, Practice
January 8: House Quidditch Team Rosters to be posted in the HPKCHC Quidditch Thread.
January 19 – 25: Speed Matters
February 4: Seeker Prize Nom Lists Due to kims
February 7 – 26: ????????
March 4: Seeker Prize Nom Lists Due to kims
March 6 – 23: ???????
April 5: Seeker Prize Nom Lists Due to kims

NEWT: transfig/Comc- blankets/mitts

OWL- detention finish 2 sweaters
Quidditch: maybe some amigurumi to cement my place as a old knitter/crocheter

Ancient Runes: Spellman’s Syllabary
For your assignment this month you will choose a rune and craft something that represents it. Please provide a picture of the rune, its translation and how your project represents it.
Rav crafts only


Arithmancy“Derived from the Greek words arithmos, meaning number, and mantei, meaning divination, arithmancy is the study of divination through numbers. As you know, the three main numbers will help you divine the future of your life, your expression, heart’s desire, and personality numbers. It will help to unlock secrets about your strengths, warn you which traits to keep under control and guide you through your life.”
Craft something which represents a goal of your life.
Heart’s desire number indicates your innermost dream. Craft something which represents your innermost dream or something you have always dreamed of using/making.
Your personality number shows aspects of your character that you need to understand in order to lead a better life. Craft something which represents your personality
Non rav crafts accepted: you must seek pre-approval no later than 11:59:59 pm POT on January 19th for non-rav crafts. In order to be accepted we need a clear idea of how the finished object will fit the prompt in question. We want to say yes, please make it easy for us!

Astronomy: Craft Jupiter
Option 1 – Craft something related to the shape of the possible core – an oval or egg shaped. This can be flat or 3D, just not round This would also be a great option for a core spin!!
Option 2 – Craft something to represent the rapid rotation of Jupiter. Here you could create something fast, like that 50th preemie hat for the local NICU.
Option 3 – Craft something reminiscent of the storms that take place on the gassy surface. The largest storm is the Great Red spot, so you could craft something red, something that calms a storm or an item that is worn in a storm.
Rav crafts only
Jessica– hat- opt 3
Allena-core spin

CoMC– Japanese Kappa
1) You may craft, spin or dye something that reflects the lovely blue, yellow and/or green colors of the Kappas. Or you may take on the extra challenge of representing scales in your crafting.
2) You may craft, spin or dye an item that either shows respect for someone who has helped you, or to help someone who is stuck in some way.
3) Feed the Kappas….you may craft a food offering using rav-craft approved techniques (NO REAL FOOD!). The more they like the “food”, the more respect you’ll have shown them.
Rav Crafts only
Jessica– Bigger on the Inside? kal in my nest
Allena– maybe hat, maybe spin

DADA/Muggle Studdies – Quirinus Quirrell
Craft an item which you believe Professor Quirrell would have worn or used during his time as a Muggle Studies professor. Please explain why Professor Quirrell would have worn this item, or used this item. Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted; however you must have prior approval.
Jessica– hat? Rug?

Divination– Wheel of Fortune tarot card
Craft something inspired by the artwork found on the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. (Note that the project itself must be inspired by the card, not the materials used to make the project.)
Craft something representing change. This could be the type of item you make (knitting something you don’t normally knit, spinning a different weight of yarn, or something relating to a life change – a new baby, a move to a cold climate, retirement, heading away to school), the size of the item (a higher yardage project if you usually make small things, or an amigurumi if you usually turn in afghans), or the technique you use (English vs. Continental, hook grip, plying method, knitting if you usually crochet for class; anything that you don’t habitually use). No matter what you choose, be sure to explain how your project demonstrates something different for you.
Rav crafts only
Jessica– opt 1- rolags and spin- representing the snake
Allena– long draw

Flying – Pocket
Option 1: Craft an item with a pocket which you can wear or use to keep your loved items safe during evasive and advanced flying maneuvers.
Option 2: Craft an item that could survive your advanced maneuvers in a pocket. Your item must be photographed fully enveloped in a pocket. Of course we’ll also need a photo of the completed object for full points.
Jessica– lame i know- but chapstick cozy- opt 2.
Allena– pocket owl

Craft something which represents the different crops you plan to grow over the coming year. This could be either through multiple colors or multiple patterns, multiple being three or more.
Craft something to clean/polish your tools.
Spinners, make something which could be used to mark out rows for planting in the spring. Make sure it will be easy to see against the dirt!
Cleaning tools can leave oil stains on the cleaning cloths. Over-dye a skein or project that didn’t come out quite the way you planned
Jessica– weave a rug- opt 1 or 2…
Allena– spinning


Mojo/No Mojo:

Mitts for Dawn
fingerless mitts for tracy
slouchy hat for chris

hat for Tiah, plied 3 yarns together for a big bulky yarn.


proposed detention OWL

new NEWT: crocheting 2 twin blankets- starting on Chloe’s
Chemo hat for a friend- finishing 2/3rds of it

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- spinning some rolags I made
Jessica- Spinning for Dawn’s scarf.


Jessica: Scarf for Dawn


Jessica- bought some christmas fabric to make reusable gift bags- hate wrapping.


New Challenge Coming, it involves sock yarn.

Random Randomness!

Phat Fiber sampler box
Winter/Woolen Ply issue with my ad in it.
Christmas- batt of the month

Buy Phat! Through Jan 18th and you can enter to win $150 giftcard and the super box.

Christmas- Spun right round fiber from allena, pancake and lulu 12 month club!
orange fiber from the cardio challenge
Ply- woolen issue
Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet!


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