Video Bomb the Planning Podcast – Episode 90

Mojo/No Mojo:

Allena- market bag steelers colors


baby sweater

Order Mission– effortless cardigan/giant mashup
NEWT- finished the body- started the sleeves- twice
NKOTB socks-

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena- turned in quidditch seeker 277.89 yds of 2ply = 555.78 yds of singles 20-21 WPI


Jessica: wove a scarf for my swap- 170yds. targhee was warp, merino was the weft


Allena- finished a bunch and turned in 37 bags for transfig. 2 weeks to Indie Knit and Spin so i’m sewing like crazy
Jessica- ? Gabe’s shirt– HMC-?

Gym:Cardio Knitting Challenge Oct 1- Dec 1

Allena- NADA
Jessica- 1x so far this week

Random Randomness!

staff swap
moms bday
2 new shirts
halloween Photos

Planning Podcast:


will be worth 450 points total – 75 points for 50% at the end of the first month of term, 125 for 75% completion at the end of the second month of term, and 250 points for 100% completion at the end of the final month of term.

Fall 2013 N.E.W.T. Timeline:

November 30: 100% final benchmark 250 pts


will be worth 200 points total – 75 points for 50% at the end of the second month of term, 125 points for 100% completion at the end of the final month of term.

OWL Timetable for Fall ‘13

  • November 30th: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.


First day to turn in Missions – November 9

Last day to turn in Missions – November 23


November 17 – November 28: Victory! Butterbeers all around!

December 4: Seeker November Prize Lists due to Secrettrail

Forbidden Forest – Detention


Wrock: Write a wrock song!

Whether a completely original work or a parody of an existing song, the lyrics need to be your own. Bonus points WILL be given if you post a video or audio of your song being performed!

Paper: Make something with paper!

Origami, papermaking, cardmaking, scrapbooking; if it is made with paper it is okay for this challenge. Picture required.

Scissors: Upcycle or repurpose something using scissors!

Cut up an existing something and turn it into something else! A tee shirt is now a girl’s skirt! An old sweatshirt is now a tote bag! Note that you need to turn a thing that’s a thing into another thing. Cutting raw materials (fabric, yarn) and making something is a no go, as is cutting something like a sweater and turning it into raw materials (reclaimed yarn). Before and after pictures required.

You can do any one category for 10 points, any two for 25, or all three for 42 points! Bonus points are available and may be given for presentation, artistic merit, and feats of awesomeness.

This challenge runs from 12:01AM, October 17th until 11:59 PM, November 10th, all times POT. Work started or turned in outside of the time frame of this challenge will not be accepted.


Option 1: Knit, crochet, weave, spin or dye something inspired by a soothing piece of music or lullaby. Please let us know what piece of soothing music or lullaby inspired your work.

Jessica- spin?


Devil’s Snare

Option 1: Be inspired by the Devil’s Snare’s long tendrils and craft something long, thin, or otherwise capable of ensnaring. Hint: practically anything will be accepted for this option if you can provide photographic evidence of it successfully snaring something or someone. 😉 You are of course also encouraged to provide a photograph showing off your stitchwork once you have disentangled yourself.

Option 2: “Are you a witch or not?!” Instead of searching for firewood, defend against the Devil’s Snare by crafting with flame patterns or sun motifs, or by spinning or dyeing in flame or sun colors. (Please remember that the color option is open to spinners and dyers only, though knitters, crocheters, and weavers are of course welcome to craft their sun or flame patterns in matching colors if they wish.)

Jessica- woven scarf for swap- done

Allena –

Chamber of Keys

Capture your key! Craft inspired by the glittering winged keys flitting about the room. You may produce an actual winged key or merely take your inspiration from the keys themselves.

Jessica- spin something with unicorn guts? OR gold market bag(gabe’s teacher- green and gold for the packers)


Troll’s Chamber

Homework: Craft something to help you get by the mountain troll, either by keeping it asleep, or dealing with it if it wakes up.

Jessica- market bag?!- trap the troll?!


Chamber of Seven Potions

Option 1: Note how you would solve the riddle, and make something that required logical thought – resize an item, add a centered motif, check your gauge, design something, weave a new pattern, dye fibre based on the colour wheel, spin something with a complicated technique you need to puzzle out.

Option 2: Craft something that would protect you from or help you with one of the potions (poison, nettle wine, black flame freezing potion and purple flame freezing potion), or from the walls of flame. Knit a beozar, crochet mitts to protect your hands from the flames, spin a yarn to follow when you’ve had too much nettle wine, weave a magical fire-smothering cloth.

Jessica- weave/spin?! opt2


Enchanted Chess Board

Option 1: Obedience. Craft something that will make something or someone bend to your will.

Option 2: Destruction. Craft something that will protect from destruction.

Option 3: Mending. Take something that has been destroyed and rebuild it or make it into something new. (Note: Don’t just repair an existing project. This must be a new project started this month. Darning socks is not acceptable, knitting new socks out of frogged yarn is acceptable.)

Jessica- weave a rug out of tshirts? opt 3

Allena frog order mission knit sweater. or rug

Mirror of Erised

Option 1: Crafting for others. Craft/spin/dye something for a friend or someone in your family.

Option 2: “What I wanted to be when I grow up.” Craft something that represents what you wanted to be when you grow up. Make sure you can relate the project to the career you wanted to have.

Option 3: Craft something that you have always desired to make. This would be a great time to go through your queue and find that one project you have coveted and make it! Spinners and Dyers, maybe you’ve been waiting to try a new fiber, color, or method — this is your chance!


Jessica- market bag

Allena – Baby Sweater

Philosophers Stone

  1. Alchemy is about changing something plain into something spectacular. Explore this via embellishment, pattern alterations or just from changing plain yarn or fibre into something special via knit, crochet, weaving, dye or spinning.

  2. Craft something that will have the same result as The Elixir Of Life – something with a long life which you hope to last forever such as a special heirloom gift or gossamer yarn that you hope will be treasured. Alternatively, represent the eternal life of a pattern by re-creating something you have made many times before. The colour and size can be different, but the item should look like a duplicate of something you have already made at least three of already.

  3. In alchemical magic, gold is considered the purest form of metal and all other metals are imperfections of the same substance. Make gold by refining something. To fulfill this option you must improve upon an existing pattern or something you yourself have made before. This could include perfecting a dyeing or spinning process as well as knit, crochet or weaving. Explain your modifications and tell us why you think they are an improvement.

Jessica- dye mom’s roving. opt 1- maybe spin some too.

Allena – lintella


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