Happy Hallowig! Episode 89

for your listening ease.. the audio file

Mojo/No Mojo:

Allena- Hallowig


OOtP  due NOV 23
market bag steelers colors

Order Mission- effortless cardigan/giant mashup
NEWT- need to turn in my 75%… tonight? tomorrow. Yell at me if it’s not in by WED night.

You Spin me Right Round:

Allena-started spinning some plain wensleydale practicing long draw.

itching to spin something… come on Friday!


Allena– ironed all day
Jessica– For the HMC i used old pants and made a foot rest!- stuffed with old clothes and scrap materials. love it!


Allena- Cardioknitting 1x so far this week.

Cardio Knitting Challenge Oct 1- Dec 1

Jessica– missed my goal last week… Did one time so far this week. added in a hooping challenge for myself too.

Random Randomness!

Hot cocoa mix
Mini skein swap
stich markers

Pumpkin seeds
went away Friday
bought a pair of Chucks


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