How I Roll Episode 87

For your listening ease I’ve also extracted the audio file for an audio podcast.

Sorry for the choppiness of the audio the internets was annoying last night.

Mojo/No Mojo:
Jessica- gray market bag for DADA

Due NOV 23

Order Mission- effortless cardigan/giant mashup
NEWT- almost to point where i ripped it out.
socks for Gabe-
bought the Fish lips Kiss heel… only $1- going to try it out on Gabe’s socks.

You Spin me Right Round:
Allena- spinning for sock yarn, laced the flyer. finished 2oz 144 yds. started other half.

Made rolags to spin for sawp
Quick Quotes Quill- finished! 330 yds of 2 ply for Quidditch
River’s edge fiber arts SW merino/bamboo/nylon 60/30/10 for Charms finished 465 yds of Nply

Allena- Cardioknitting

Cardio Knitting Challenge Oct 1- Dec 1

Jessica- 3x last week, 1x this week so far- need 2 more

Random Randomness!

I’m proud to say I’m a Phat Fiber contributor! Each item you purchase here is your “ticket” to win, September 15- Oct 19th Enter to win the Phat Fiber Superbox and $150 gift card here

Sewer lines in front of our house they ripped out the invisible dog fence….

Land of Stories by Chris Colfer

new/caught up on, shows-
once upon a time in wonderland
tomorrow people
walking dead


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