I Could Fly Episode 86

The Audio file from the video

Mojo/No Mojo:
baby gift
Jessica- market bag

Started my OOtP

Order Mission- effortless cardigan/giant mashup
NEWT- still on the body- haven’t touched it in a week, until today.
socks for Gabe-

You Spin me Right Round:
Allena- spinning for sock yarn, laced the flyer.

Made 2 batches of rolags for the shop…
Quick Quotes Quill- spinning long draw- Q. almost done with the singles.
River’s edge fiber arts SW merino/bamboo/nylon 60/30/10 for charms

Allena- got approval to sew for flying!

Gym:Cardio Knitting Challenge Oct 1- Dec 1
Allena- 3 times last week 1 time so far this week

Jessica- cardio knitted 2x last week. Need to do 3x this week

Random Randomness!
I’m proud to say I’m a Phat Fiber contributor! Each item you purchase here is your “ticket” to win, September 15- Oct 19th Enter to win the Phat Fiber Superbox and $150 gift card here

started at the beginning of Worsted for Wear
Got an order from a 4 year old. measuring tape owl
Need help figuring out whatt to make for my swap people
bella bra?
Amazon Rocks…
Bomb Girls seas 2 done
VD seas 4
Bones seas 8
Hart of Dixie seas 2
Fringe seas 5
Revenge seas 2
New Girl seas 2
Call the Midwife seas 2
walking dead seas 3

Caught up on:
Sleepy hallow
Teen wolf
Vampire diaries
Need to catch up:
on once upon a time
Excited about walking dead starting and hart of Dixie, the originals,

re listening to the HP series — on Deathly Hallows

made a test run of Ladies brunch food- had to write recipes

I’m bummed i didn’t hear about Spinzilla until it was too late
Ladies Brunch time again….


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