Miss Pessimistic’s Planning Podcast Episode 85

The audio file for you to listen to.

Mojo/No Mojo:
Jessica- i handed in all my classes yesterday!

NEWT- 50% 
baby gift 

Order Mission- effortless cardigan/giant mashup- started on skein #3
NEWT- 11 inches on the body- fronts and back in one piece – NO had to rip out 6 inches… Boo.

You Spin me Right Round: where we talk about spinning
Allena- spinning for sock yarn, laced the flyer.

Quick Quotes Quill- spinning long draw- Q. almost done with the singles.
dyed roving… lots of it!

Allena- turned in sewing for quality quidditch supplies.
Jessica- made some little bags- some for swaps some for my friend Kaite

Cardio Knitting Challenge Oct 1- Dec 1
talk about weekly goals/checkins and stealing prizes

Jessica- cardio knitted today!

Study the penumbral eclipse. Craft something containing only one light and one dark colour or make use of tonal gradients. Alternatively you can craft a spherical or circular item but we will be accepting true spheres or flat circles only, rather than an item that is simply knit in the round.
Study the Draconids Meteor Shower or the Orionids Meteor Shower by doing independent study of the constellations Draco and Orion that the showers will radiate from and returning with something you have crafted based on your research.
Craft the Meteor Showers themselves by dyeing, spinning or using a yarn that contains speckles of colour. Alternatively you may represent the many parts of a meteor shower by crafting multiples of the same item. These multiples of three or more can be different sizes, colours or shapes so long as they are clearly a group of the same thing such as mini socks, tree ornaments, skeins or blanket squares for the same blanket.

For your homework, craft an item with a complex pattern or form, e.g. advanced stitch patterning, colorwork, intensive dyeing or spinning process.
How complex is complex?
What we want is anything that requires your close attention and focus to get right.

Jessica- spinning fine- sock yarn?!

DADA- Vampires/zombies
Skin color is one of the main identifiers of both Vampires and Zombies. Craft or spin something in gray (zombie skin) and/or white (Vampire skin) and/or black (vampire eyes) to represent this. No other colors may be included; we don’t wish to spread confusion.
Vampires suck blood by biting the neck. In case you get a little too close in your studies, craft something to protect your neck from Vampire fangs.
In the spirit of Muggle Halloween tradition, craft part or all of a Zombie or Vampire costume. Non-Rav crafts are considered for this option only, and must receive prior approval.
Jessica- infinity scarf?! swap gift

Flying –
Pick your broom and your crafting speed:
Would you like a Nimbus 2000? Show us how fast you are! Use a fast dyeing or spinning technique, craft an item that takes practically no time at all for you, or craft something longer than it is wide to show us how far you can fly (not limited to rectangles, people).
Is a Cleansweep Seven more your style? They are fast enough to corner, but not so fast you’ll skid. Sometimes you’ve got to slow down to get around corners. Craft an item with four or more corners to show you’ve mastered this important flying skill.
How about a Comet Two Sixty? Slow and steady wins the race, what crafting techniques are slow for you? Fancy trying some sun-dyeing, are you all thumbs at spindle spinning, can’t count crochet, or don’t get continental knitting? Show us how you’ve tried and conquered your slow-flying crafting.
Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted, with prior approval.
Jessica- spin a chunky yarn- opt 1
Allena- see if I can turn in sewing for my show in Nov.

Group #1 – Plant and Tend A Pumpkin – Use colors traditionally associated with Autumn and Pumpkin Patches – colors like orange, brown, yellow, red, etc. Photographic comparisons of your item and an actual pumpkin or pumpkin patch may earn bonus points!
Group #2 – Charm a Giant Pumpkin – With so little time left, we’re going to need to….errr….cheat a bit. Rather than growing the pumpkins to monumental size the old-fashioned way with sunlight and time, we’re going to use the Engorgio Charm to speed up the process. Make something especially large, like a felted tote or extremely long scarf. Spin Large Yarn (bulky or super-bulky). Or show us a smaller and larger specimen of the same object (one mini sock and one regular sized one, one baby hat and one adult hat, etc.) to show us how hard you have practiced.
Group #3 – Carve the Jack o’ Lantern – Practice your Jack o’ Lantern carving skills by creating something with a face! This could be something obvious like amigurumi, or something more subtle like at ski cap with a colorwork moose on it. If you can show us a face, you’re good to go!
Jesisca- spin? or market bag.

History of Magic-
Option 1: Under the sea. Craft sea creatures or representations of sea life. Spinners and dyers, use ocean/fish colors or methods inspired by sea creatures.
Option 2: Protect someone from a concussion. Maybe a hat or a blanket to wrap around your head?
Option 3: Something goofy. Anything that you think is odd or funny — it’s all in the sell!
Jessica- market bag- blue/green…opt 1
Allena baby hat

a) Bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses – craft something alluring, bewitching, something that draws people in to its beauty or complexity.
b) Bottle fame, brew glory – craft something that stands out, that cannot be missed.
c) Put a stopper in death – Craft something dark, or that represents something deadly (Explain your deadly thing! but please be aware that Professor Cattiekins is deadly afraid of Spiders and would request you keep them out of the potions classroom.)
Jessica- bright colored market bag? red
Allena –

Option 1: Switching spell: Find an item that is worn, or an incorrect size or color, and knit, crochet, spin, weave, or dye a replacement. Pair rules for things like gloves, socks, mittens, etc. do apply. For all crafts we ask that you show us the item you’re switching so we can see your spell work. The FAQ will address this option in more detail.
Option 2: Mouse into a snuffbox: Use any Ravelry approved craft to turn a mousey or dull-colored yarn or fiber into a bright and colorful project. Use colorful beads, firestar, dye, bright colored yarn, etc. along with your dull-colored yarn to transform it into something fantastic.
Option 3: Match into a needle: Prove that your needle isn’t about to light something on fire. Use a non-Rav craft involving a metal needle to show the durability of your spell. The FAQ will list approved methods.
Option 1: The switched item need not be the same pattern, but it must be the same item.
The rule of pairs WILL apply. So if you are looking to just replace one sock instead of a pair of socks, you’ll still have to craft two socks to be marked complete. They can be dobby socks, or different sizes, but there must be 2. The rule of pairs applies to socks, mittens, gloves, wrist warmers, etc.
Dyers: Over-dyes of your original skein is not what we’re looking for.
Option 2:
Can I use a color other than normal mouse brown as my dull-colored yarn?
Yes! Any neutral color will do: black, white, cream, tan… Mice come in all sorts of neutrals, and combinations of neutrals.
How colorful is colorful? If we want to use a neutral with our colorful yarn is there a certain percentage you’re looking for?
We consider any color that’s not a neutral ‘colorful’. Any color(s) on the ROY G.BIV color spectrum is a good place to start, but you can use tints, shades, and any combination you like. As long as we can see that ‘yes, this is clearly colorful’, then we’re happy.
Option 3:
Non-Rav approved crafts to use to show your needle-making proficiency:
hand sewing
machine sewing
needlepoint/cross stitch
If you have another non-ravelry approved craft that involves a metal needle that is not on the list, or you’re unsure if your project falls into this category, please ask.

Jessica – sew project bags for swap gifts!
Allena- sewing for the show in Nov.


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