Hide Your Face Episode 75

Sorry for the weird focusing! Enjoy!

Mojo/No Mojo:
stage 2 socks

OWL 50%
Stage 1 of TDS

NKOTB socks- cardio knitting only
my OWL!!!- handed in my 50%!

You Spin me Right Round:
Allena- epic mashup # 6 is needing plying
#9 started.

completed my giant mashup:
mashup- (Pure Blood and Neon Lights light)- 220 yds
mashup-( i -thyme and incantation)- 268 yds
Younger Yarn Batts- Astronomy (polwarth, llama, angelina, nylon). long draw

Allena- lost of sewign going on. made a skirt

Allena- nada ran on monday
Jessica- ran on saturday(after 2 weeks off)

Random Randomness!

Midwest Folk and Fiber Fair got some fiber for blending,
Held a Rabbit
ply mag

sent out yarn to kandbpurple!

birthday goodies:
spinning bucket- Allena
cute owl family stickers, giant cup- mom+dad
kids made me breakfast and Joe gave me money to take to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair the next day.
I got 2 alpaca fleece – and they were half off!
NGY- Who’s your Dr- 1st shipment!
ASC- yarn club… last shipment i think ;(


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