What Yarn?! Episode 71


Proposed OoTP mission -approved
crochet squares for slytherin sunshine comittee

NKOTB socks- cardio knitting only- YAY
Mara Shalw- llama handspun

You Spin me Right Round:

Finished #8 11 WPI 159.28 yards
updated my fiber stash as I packed away some of it.
#7 240.61 yds 10 WPI
Started cleaning the suffolk fleece
I have aquired 2 alpaca fleeces brown and dark brown, and 1 bag of alpaca roving white.

llama- done- 310 yds-
Australian Merino– spinning super thing- lacing the flyer. going to Nply from both ends. just a little bit to go


Jessica- Rendezvous stuff… shirts for the boys- finished bags- last touches on other stuff… still need to make aprons for the girls but that should be easy.


Allena- cardioknitting C25K fail…
Jessica- cardio knitting/C25K! just finished week 3!
squat/plank/wall sit challenge for may!- kinda stopped- well not every day but some!
30 day cardio challenge- Jajigirl

Random Randomness!

Buy Phat : when you purchase from the participating PHAT fiber contributors this month you can be entered to win $150 and the super box. here’s the thread to enter to win
Altoona Curve Baseball game with the girls school.
Pirates B-ball game

Alina Shea Creations stuff!—- arnica – chap stick – lotion bar – healing salve

73rd Podiversary Celebration: enter to win 4 different prizes

Prize 1
Prize 2
Prize 3
Prize 4


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