Friend us! Episode 65

Mojo/No Mojo:  this is where our FO’s go along with other things that inspire us.


croched square for knit a square in honor of Sue.( dumelaisuzu)  

finished my AIDEZ sweater!!!



WIP’s: where we talk about what’s going on knitting and crochet wise


OWL- Socks  50%!

Order Mission- cinnamon 


OWL- Cassidy– hitting this hard!

To spin or not to spin: where we talk about spinning


spin  3ply  12 WPI 76.25 yds

dyed a gradient for a swap

and dyed one for myself


nothing yet… though i have a mini mashup ready to go if my OWL is finished on time.





Still….weaving scarf for andy   

Sewing: talking about sewing

Allena-   Lots of sewing going on!

Random Randomness!  where we talk about the new stuff we got? things we’re into


got a cowl from a student

fiber of the month came.

taught bella how to sew

got swap from yarnvista




Sweater bag from Tangerine Designs– and some buttons

Nerd Girl Yarns fiber of the month club. last one-

canceled clubs- NGY and ASC 😦

We went to a hotel last weekend – surprised the kids just to hang out and swim


bought more yarn for the traveling afghan…

bought birdcages for scrap yarn and the birds

THANK YOU- I was gifted 2 patterns-

from Zephead – Tembo

from Bellasocks – Viajante



73rd Podiversary Celebration planning:

go into our stash and pull out prizes- take photos- make you post on our Rav Group!


If you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out.

Extra Notes:

Ravelry Group

Thread for donating  squares for knit a squares in honor of Sue HERE.


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