Socks With Sandals…. Catching up and Planning! Episode 63

podcast 63

Planning starts at 32:25

Mojo/No Mojo: 
Fingerless Flap Mittens


OWL-   50%!

Order Mission

OWL- handed in 50%! started the fronts

traveling afghan –

Order Mission- Just one more inch on the back until i can start sleeve bo/dec

To spin or not to spin:
2 epic mashups.
Finished and photo'd 2 of my #epic #mashup skeins #handspun #spinning #ashford

spin a 3ply sock yarn with fiber from Jajigirl

The polwarth mashup experiment!

third spin done, 270yds

scarf for joe



Still….weaving scarf for andy   

scarf in progress
Allena-   Lots of sewing going on!  Turned some in for class

Bags sewn in Feb

-Random Randomness!


Last Who’s your Dr club shipment

Yay good mail! #drwho #nerdgirlyarns #spinning
Hogsmead weekend purchase
It's always the fiber that gets me, esp if it's #green #youngeryarns #hogsmeadeweekend
awesome package from jaji girl

Hogsmead weekend!
SFA – 3 braids,

YY – 2 braids and 1 wpi tool!

With taxes i was able to get a jumbo flyer and replace the reed that wasn’t made for my older loom. I also got a stand for my loom, it’s been hurting my back a lot, hoping this helps. Ordered this all a few weeks ago… picked it up on thursday!

IG a month of Craft photos… #craftyphotoaday play with me!

73rd Podiversary Celebration planning:
go into our stash and pull out prizes- take photos?!


Socks with Sandals Watch the video HERE!

Planning Podcast:
Note: all classes are now requiring a standard header… one we’ve used before:
Yardage: (optional, but you’re not eligible for yardage bonuses without it!)
Project Page: (optional, a project page does not make up for missing information in your turn-in)

March 31: 100% final benchmark 200pts


  • March 31st: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.

March 10 –March 24: Missions (and partial missions) accepted.

March 3-12: A Square Deal
March 16-28 : Team Spirit
March 30: Final video presentation from all houses due.
March 30, 11:59:59 PM, POT: Whistle blown, signaling the end of Quidditch for another term

Pick a charm, any (standard Harry Potter universe) charm! Craft using your favorite charm, the one you are best at, the one you are still working to master or haven’t yet had the opportunity to try. Color, technique, fiber – the sky’s the limit as you perfect your charm skills. Explain the charm you used, and how it pertains to your project. Sell it!
BONUS: If you participated the last two months in Charms and do it again this month, a bonus awaits you! Please link to your January and February posts in your March turn in to receive your bonus!

Jessica- dye roving (cheering charm)
Allena- dyeing some roving

CoMC-   the moke, a silver-green lizard
Summary: Craft an item inspired by the moke.
Now, we would like you to create an item inspired by the moke or the mokeskin pouch. There are several options you could take here, but we are going to refrain from specifying a path for you to follow. Things to keep in mind: the moke can shrink–think small items, miniatures, felted items, shrinking fluffy roving into yarn; the moke is a silvery green so perhaps you’d be inspired to make something sparkly or that reflects its color; maybe you’ve always dreamed of crafting a model of the moke and this is your chance; you don’t have to use our ideas. Just be sure to TELL US in your submission exactly HOW the item was inspired by the moke.”

Jessica- spin- part of my mashup w/green

For your homework this month, we want you to demonstrate your knowledge of the properties of light by crafting something using at least two and up to all seven colours found in the visible spectrum. As well as knit, crochet, weaving, spinning and dyeing, we will also accept sewing projects (including embroidery) for this class that meet the prompt. See the FAQ in post 1 for further information. Other non-rav crafts may be accepted with prior approval.
The colours in the visible spectrum, that you see in a rainbow, are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. They are illustrated below as a guide:

Jessica- spin- Dye (gradient roving)
Allena-  sew some bags turn them in!

For your homework we would like you to concentrate on the properties of marcasite. Consider crafting something that blocks negative things – such as the cold from your skin or the sun from your eyes. Alternatively you could choose to craft in a way that is deceptive and looks like something else. A self-striping yarn gives the impression of colourwork without you ever adding new colours of yarn. Synthetic fibres can be found that emulate mohair. Items can be created flat which have the appearance of having been made in the round – or vice versa.
Jessica- mittens for Trishia
Allena-  mittens for swap

Flying –  Hermes winged sandals
Option 1: Craft something with wings – this can be a type of wing or something with wings pictured
Option 2: Wearing sandals is not recommended in Hogwarts in winter due to the risk of frostbite. Craft something to wear to keep your feet warm whilst wearing sandals.
Option 3: Spin or dye sock weight yarn that could be used to cover Hermes feet to prevent frostbite. Crafting the yarn you spin or dye is not required for this option.
Jessica- dye(roving on a sock blend)
Allena-  spin a 3ply sock yarn

Herbology-    Mimbulus Mimbletonia.
Option 1: Grow your own Mimbulus Mimbletonia! Create your own interpretation of the plant — something grey, something cactus-like, something that squirms, something with boils — use your imagination! Please be sure to clearly state in your homework turn-in exactlyhow your creation represents the Mimbulus Mimbletonia.
Option 2: Protect yourself from Stinksap! Create something to cover your face and nose to protect you from the stench of the Stinksap, or create something to help you clean up after an accidental Stinksap squirting!
Option 3: Come out of your shell! Create something that would help you overcome shyness or timidity. Perhaps a brightly colored hat that would make people notice you, a beautiful shawl to catch the attention of that cute coffee shop barista, or a wee amigurumi dragon to wear on your shoulder as a conversation-starter at the parties your roommate is constantly dragging you to.

Jessica- dishcloth

Muggle Studies-
Your homework assignment this month is to research one of these Muggle recording devices and craft either a representation of the device or an item that might be used with it. For example, many Muggles keep their iPods in protective cases to prevent the glass and metal from scratching. They also need certain items, like batteries, chargers, or headphones, to operate these devices.”
In summary:

  1. Create a representation of a Muggle musical device.

  2. Craft a protective cover for a Muggle musical device.

  3. Craft an item that might be needed to operate a Muggle musical device.

Allena-  arm band ipod cozy?

Potions-    the insanity suffered by Werewolves
Option One: Wolf’s Bane Potion is meant to soothe someone. Craft something that is soothing.
Option Two: Brew your own formula using Aconite. Use stash to work without a pattern.
Option Three: Do your own research and come up with your own theory. Craft something to represent your Wolf’s Bane Potion.

Jessica- dye (soothing color)


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