Planning Podcast for February. Episode 60

Podcast 60

find classes here: Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup!

Planning Podcast:

Note: all classes are now requiring a standard header… one we’ve used before:
Yardage: (optional, but you’re not eligible for yardage bonuses without it!)
Project Page: (optional, a project page does not make up for missing information in your turn-in)

February 28: 75% benchmark for 100pts
March 31: 100% final benchmark 200pts


  • February 14th: deadline for any proposal changes

  • February 28th: deadline for submission of OWLs at 50%

  • March 31st: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.

March 10 -March 24: Missions (and partial missions) accepted.

Wizard’s Duels

  • 11:59 PM February 17th.

February 3-12: Sun Shades
February 16-27: Paired Pattern Face Off
March 3-12: A Square Deal
March 16-28 : Team Spirit
March 30: Final video presentation from all houses due.
March 30, 11:59:59 PM, POT: Whistle blown, signaling the end of Quidditch for another term


Option 1: Gemino and colour changing. Just as the hat was altered in our demonstration, you may choose to duplicate something that you have already made in a different color. For this option, please show photographic evidence of the original item and the duplicate in the new colour. (The item may use different yarn and be a different size, but should use the same pattern as the original)
Option 2: Fidelius and reducing or severing. First cast a fidelius charm. Something to protect an object (such as a coffee mug cozy, work in progress bag, toilet paper roll cover, hot-pad, etc.) or to hide secret knowledge that you have (a head band, hat, etc.) followed by either a reducing (felting) or severing (steeking) charm.
Option 3:Combined Colours. Spinners may practice combining two or more colour changed (dyed) fibers. Please make sure we can clearly see each of the colors that you are combining before you start and afterwards. (This means you can either card together colors or ply the individually color singles as long as you show a before picture and we can clearly see each color in the finished skein)
Option 4: Cheering and Muggle repelling. Dyers, use the cheering charm to dye something in support of one of the Hogwart’s houses. You may use one or both colors of whichever house you choose. Follow that with a Muggle repelling charm and tell us how you would explain your house colored yarn to a Muggle so they wouldn’t be suspicious.

Jessica~   mash up
Allena-  spin a mash up


For your assignment this month, craft something inspired by the Chinese Fireball. Use any Ravelry Craft and be sure to explain in your turn in post how your project was inspired by the Chinese Fireball. Show us what you have learned about the Chinese Fireball.



  1. Perseverance against a curse. Demonstrate that you’re willing to fight against a curse by trying once again from scratch a technique, pattern, fiber, tool, or method that you have failed at in the past. For this option, “failed” can mean that you did not finish the first time or that you didn’t finish it to your satisfaction. It’s not enough to try something new that has mentally intimidated you – you need to have physically attempted it at least once before. In your turn-in post please explain if you have managed to overcome the curse or if you have more practice in front of you.

  2. Protect against the Curse of the Bogies. Eeew! Craft something to defend against the Curse of the Bogies in a wizard’s duel, or protect yourself from the muggle version (a natural-seeming cold). If you’ve already been hit, craft something to reduce the negative impact of the curse.



For your homework we would like you to show your understanding of one or more of these crystals by using aspects of their wisdom or colouring in your crafting. There is no need to choose the crystal representing your own house, feel free to choose any of the crystals or to use more than one for your inspiration. Suggestions can be found below.
Ravenclaw – Lapis Lazuli
Lapis signifies that you must seek out the truth, research the situation more before you act and listen to your intuition.
– a project that requires research or is crafted in blue.
Slytherin – Malachite
Malachite advises you to forget grudges and let go of the past in order to move on to better times.
– a project in green, something new, something that you have avoided due to a grudge formed the last time you did it or represent something from the past.
Hufflepuff – Citrine
Citrine fortells prosperity and confidence and brings sunshine into your life.
– Craft in yellow, represent the sun, craft in a way that you are confident about or that requires confidence, represent prosperity.
Gryffindor – Jasper
Jasper suggests that now is the time to be practical, straightforward and down to earth. Don’t waste valuable time with dreamy theories and elaborate strategies.
– Craft in red, make something practical, choose something that doesn’t require much planning or use straightforward techniques.

Jessica~  weave a pillow
Allena~ Green, blue, red or yellow  spinning

Flying –  

Option 1: Craft, spin, or dye something brown: Broom and brush colored. This means any range of brown, tans and straw colored.
Option 2: Craft something with 2 distinct parts, to reflect the handle and the bristle. This means 2 (and only 2) distinct parts of one object: Shawls with 2 parts, for example: stockinette and lace, or hats with a pompom, etc.
Option 3: Study the aerodynamic properties of the broom: Craft something with smooth lines or curves

Allena~  spin 2 ply
Jessica~  baby sweater, antler cardigan


Option 1: distasteful yet useful! Craft something you dislike working with (be it method, material, color, or finished object) but that is useful to you or another person. Perhaps you hate the stiffness of cotton but it’s just the right material for those new washcloths. Or maybe you share Ron Weasley’s fear of spiders but your friend loves them and has a birthday coming up.
Option 2: study the protrusions! Knitters and crocheters, craft using nupps, bobbles, or popcorn stitch. Spinners, incorporate slubs or supercoils/beehives into your yarn. If you have another protrusiony technique you’d like to use, ask and we’d be happy to consider it. This option is not, however, for beads or other foreign objects incorporated into yarn/FOs.
Option 3: bubotuber pus. Don’t worry, we really don’t want you to craft pus for us. But as a slightly less disgusting way of studying this peculiar plant product, please be inspired by its petrol-like scent and craft something for your car or other petrol-driven vehicle.

Jessica~   rug?! with tshirts opt1/ steering wheel cozy
Allena~   maybe steering wheel cozy

Muggle Studies-

1- Make a representation of a Muggle means of winter travel. This may mean a dishcloth with a car or snowmobile on it, or a three dimensional example of one of the types of Muggle travel.
2- Craft something to help a Muggle stay warm during travel. This might mean a scarf to keep them warm, or maybe a pair of gloves. You might even do a coffee cozy, since so many Muggles like to drink the stuff on their morning commutes.

Jessica~   Joe’s scarf


For this month’s Homework
1) Amortentia – Craft something that related to at least one if not all of the scents you’d smell – please explain the scents and how your crafting relates.
2) Wonderwitch Products – take a bottle and study the potion in more detail. Craft something to explain your observations.
3) Insanity comes in many forms – Craft something inspired by the Tragic Merope Gaunt.

Allena-  spin


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