The first planning episode of 2013! Episode 57

podcast 57

Planning Podcast:
Note: all classes are now requiring a standard header… one we’ve used before:
Yardage: (optional, but you’re not eligible for yardage bonuses without it!)
Project Page: (optional, a project page does not make up for missing information in your turn-in)

January 31: Alterations/Modification requests deadline
January 31: 50% benchmark for 50pts
February 28: 75% benchmark for 100pts
March 31: 100% final benchmark 200pts

January 1st – 31st: OWL proposals may be submitted. OWLs should only be started after they are approved by the relevant examiner.
February 14th: deadline for any proposal changes
February 28th: deadline for submission of OWLs at 50%
March 31st: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.

January 6 – January 20: BROOMS accepted.
January 27- start
March 10 -March 24: Missions (and partial missions) accepted.

Jan 3-12: Mascot and Naming
January 7th: House Captains must submit their team rosters to this Quidditch thread before 11:59 PM.
January 10: Deadline for Beaters to design and share a copy of their House Quidditch robes for this season.
Jan 19-29: Fruitcake Frenzy
February 3-12: Sun Shades
February 16-27: Paired Pattern Face Off
March 3-12: A Square Deal
March 16-28 : Team Spirit
March 30: Final video presentation from all houses due.
March 30, 11:59:59 PM, POT: Whistle blown, signaling the end of Quidditch for another term

Charms-  Gripping Charm
Option 1: Make something to help you grip your object easier by protecting your hands (aka gloves, fingerless mitts, etc)
Option 2: Make something to cover objects themselves to help with the grabbing of them (aka pot holders, cozies, etc)
Option 3: Spinning. Some non-superwash fibers such as BFL, Targhee, Corridale, Shetland, etc. have more grip than others.
Spin one of these grabby fibers to show your understanding of how the Gripping Charm can be used to help secure fibers together. (Slippery fibers such as, but not limited to, Merino, Silk, bamboo, tencel, milk fiber, and blends containing them are not acceptable)
Option 4: Dyeing, make the color grab the yarn and our attention! We want super saturated color! No pastels, bright and bold are the key! Sell it!
BONUS: Participate in Charms all three months and obtain a special reward in March!

Jessica~  camera cozy for Leah
Allena-  spin something

CoMC-  Unicorn
Option 1: Craft something using the colors of the Unicorn in their growth stages. Any color combination will do (1, 2 or all 3 colors!).
Option 2: Craft an object of comfort or something that gives strength.

Jessica~ monster
Allena- Monster

DADA-    Security at Wizard Concerts – Sewing and needlework projects permitted
Option 1: Pick a wrock song by an artist on the list linked above, or a song in one of the Harry Potter books, or another HP-related song with prior permission from the professors. Craft something inspired by the song.
Option 2: Craft something in house colors to wear or bring to a wrock concert.
NOTE:For homework this month in addition to the Ravelry approved crafts of knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning and dyeing, we will also accept sewing and needlework projects for this class that meet the prompt. See the FAQ in post 1 for further information. Other non-Rav crafts may be accepted with prior approval.
Etra credit – Submit a link to a song you’re thinking of crafting for before the 7th.

NOTE: when you turn in your post you do need to post a link to the song you crafted for.
Jessica- posted a song! A Pensieve full of Unrequited Love, by the mudbloods- going to spin something Green for Lily’s eyes/and Snape’s slytherin-ness… mash up perhaps!

Divination- Preparation
Option 1 – A craft inspired by Cats Claw Bark. You can choose cats, claws, bark, the yellow flowers or anything else you find out about the plant.
Option 2 – Craft something useful in preparation for a task. For example, a table mat is in preparation for a meal, a bag is in preparation for carrying things somewhere, gloves can prepare hands to function properly in the cold winter weather.
Option 3 – Show your understanding of hallucinations (without trying any of the dangerous substances we have mentioned). You may want to make an image appear within your project via illusion knitting, beadwork or intarsia. Use a technique or fibre which changes the item’s appearance when looked at from a certain angle or in a certain light such as a fibre with a sheen or sparkle to it.

Jessica~ hot water bottle? or felted mittens?

Flying – Career Skills
Option 1: Practical Professorship. Craft a go-to item, dye your fallback color, or spin your favorite kind of yarn. You must craft a project, spin a yarn of a weight and ply, or dye a repeatable colorway that you have finished multiple times.
Option 2: Flying underwater basket weaver. Dream big! What would you do if practicality were not a consideration? Spin with glitter! Knit with toothpicks! Crochet with a candy cane? Dye with lipstick and a bubble gum wrapper! Go gonzo with gusto!
Option 3: Congratulations! You made your dream Quidditch team! Design and craft part of your own robes. Since this is coming from your head, published patterns aren’t required, just show us any notes you took. Check back here in a few days for a potential chance for extra points.

Allena~  fractal spin? art spin?
Jessica~  same here, fractal?

Herbology-  Mandrakes
OPTION 1) A screaming baby mandrake: Weave, knit, crochet, or spin something that just screams–whether it has colors so hot or bright they could stop traffic, or an item that is excessive in fussy details. Make something gasp-worthy!
OPTION 2) A quiet, moody teenage mandrake: represent the hissing sounds of a secretive adolescent mandrake and craft something that hisses. Use leftover VCR/cassette tape to make something that LITERALLY hisses or craft an object/animal that makes hissing sounds.
OPTION 3) After lovingly tending your mandrakes from infancy to maturity–chop them up for potions! Knitters and perhaps weavers or crocheters, steek something! This might be an option for more experienced Herbology students, but feel free to try this if you younger Herbology students can stomach it.

Allena~   spin some art yarn- using my new books

Muggle Studies-  Broken Vows

1: Fulfill a broken promise
Did you make a promise to make a gift for someone else? Would finishing up that project make you feel better? Or would it be easier to just move on? Perhaps you promised to make a certain number of charity gifts? If so, would attacking those one at a time help? Explain what the promise is, how you’ve broken it, and what action you are taking now. For this prompt – and ONLY this prompt – WIPs are welcome, as long as they are less than 50% completed OR more than 50 yards left to go at the start of the month and you provide proof.
2: Celebrate Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day
If you simply do not want to fulfill your promise, explain why you are not going to fulfill it, and then what you will do instead. Maybe the person you have promised a gift to has proven themselves truly unknitworthy. If you aren’t making a gift for that unknitworthy person, perhaps you could cast on something for yourself instead. Did you promise to go to the gym, but you’d rather sleep in late? Maybe you’ll need a blanket. Or how about a coffee cozy to help you drink that caffeine you swore you were going to cut back on?

Jessica~  Gabe’s hot water bottle cozy.
Allena~  Finish madi’s tomten? it def has more than 50 yards left to go.

Potions-    Wit Sharpening Potion
Option 1: Brew up a Wit Sharpening potion. Craft something with multiple colour changes: stranded knitting, crocheted stripes, dye or spin a multicoloured yarn.
Option 2: Use a self-stirring cauldron. Craft with a variegated or self-striping yarn.
Option 3: Precision work. Craft something that requires concentration and focus.

Allena- spinning
Jessica-  spin, Nply self striping

Wrock Song:
I’m in Love with a Muggle – Luna Wants a Longbottom


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