Use your People.- Episode 55

Podcast 55 

Mojo/No Mojo:  
My hope better photos !

worn like a shawlclose up of beads
Rockin the shawl/scarf! #handspun #handknit #HPKCHC #OoTP

Mini ornament
Bigger Bib

Jessica- :C

cowl for present making up the pattern
Rainbow of Awesome


mini sweater ornament- Q on dpns (didn’t start yet….)

traveling afghan

Teacher gifts?! yes! I will be trying to make 4 drop stitch cowls and 2 pair of non-felted slippers

finished #5! warped up #6… but failed my OWL 😦

Allena- Finished Baby Blanket.

made a prize
Sending a #prize out for #HPKCHC #etsy
sewed some knitting sheep bags


Our sponser
say it “Shay”-“duh”-“win”  OR  “Shad”-“ah”-“win” 🙂
ravelry group:
We encourage you to check out Shadawyn Fiber Arts, she has some wonderful stuff from yarn to fiber.

To spin or not to spin:
started spinning using my drop spindle.. b/c I’m teaching  lady how to spindle
spindle spinning

SIP- merino blend… for Katie, wants it Aran-ish- (haven’t worked on it at all….)

Knitsnhikes asks  just got a spinning wheel (kromski symphony), and am trying to teach myself how to spin.
how do you care for your wheels? 
where do you go when something isn’t working? how do you figure out if the problem is you, or your wheel?
did you take a class at a LYS to learn to spin?

The Shire and Biblo Baggins fiber from Shadawyn Fiber Arts
shire and bilbo

Owl Post

Awwww! I just received an #OwlPost! So awesome! #HPKCHC

Coffee Lovers CraveBox
Yay! My 1st box came today! #CoffeeCrave @cravebox

I won a prize in my pride
I think i want to do the Shadawyn thing and spin then knit for it.

The last of my Pancake and Lulu fiber culb


Wrock Song:
Christmas At Hogwarts by  Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs
download here

If you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out.


Howard Feed and Wax You can find it at Lowes or Home Depot and maybe Walmart.

High Whorling by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts.

Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning 


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