Turkeys Have Legs! : Episode 51

Podcast 51

Tonight we are joined by PennyIA!

The Questions:
1.       When did you start reading the HP books. (audio books included)
2.       What book is your fave and why?
3.       How’d you find the HPKCHC?
4.       What is your role in HPKCHC if you have one?
5.      How’d you find us. The Weasley Sisters Podcast?
6.       How’d you get into WROCK and do you have a fave group?



  • November 30: 100% final benchmark 200pts


  • November 30th: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.


  • November 11: Players may begin to hand in completed Missions!
  • November 25: Last day to hand in completed Missions! No sumissions after 11:59:59 Pacific Standard Time!


  • November 3-9— Challenge 3: Hats time trials NOTE: were were wrong it IS the 9th
  • November 14-29– Game 3: Cross-training
  • November 30: Final video presentation from all houses due.
  • November 30: 11:59:59 PM, Quidditch whistle will be blown, ending game for the term.

Note: all classes are now requiring a standard header… one we’ve used before:
Yardage: (optional, but you’re not eligible for yardage bonuses without it!)
Project Page: (optional, a project page does not make up for missing information in your turn-in)

Ancient Runes:  Origins of Runes

  • Craft backwards/opposite of what you normally do: teach yourself to knit or crochet backwards or with your non-dominant hand. You could also experiment with what would happen if you took a chart or pattern and worked it backwards. Could be a giant mess, could be awesome.

  • Craft a project the opposite of what you are comfortable/accustomed to: i.e., socks toe up instead of cuff down, garments hem to neck instead of top down. Spin S twist as opposed to Z twist (or vice-versa).

  • Craft with yarn or fiber containing a minimum of 50% cellulose based fibers. For dyers, consider tree inspired colors.

Allena~  spinning for andy

Jessica~  Chloe’s hat- top down. done.

Penny~ I still need to find the pattern – but I’m going to make a scarf or infinity cowl out of 100% corn yarn. Corny goodness in teal green.

Charms-  Great Hall Ceiling Charm

Option 1: Create something that will beautify or enhance your living space. Spinners and dyers, if you wish to present your project in a way that shows a really creative and beautiful way to display your work (maybe mini skeins in a gumball machine) it would be acceptable for this option.
Option 2: Create something that reflects your favorite season.
Option 3: Bring the outdoors indoors; create something with a theme from nature.

Penny~ I was thinking I’d make Mochimochi Snowmen as Christmas Ornaments that are gifts for my son’s teachers.


Allena- maybe spin

DADA-    Create your own spell

  1. Create your own original design. (This must include a finished object, a pattern by itself is not sufficient.)

  2. Make modifications to an existing pattern (Gauge changes – switching yarn weight or needle size – are not pattern modifications).

  3. Spinners and Dyers: Since your crafts don’t use patterns in the same way that knitting, crocheting and weaving do, invent your own defensive spell and provide a description of the spell and how it looks visually. Then, spin or dye a representation of your spell.

Option 1: A written pattern is not required but may earn you extra credit. This pattern does not need to be hosted on Ravelry, and if it is may be available for free or for sale.
Option 2: Even very minor modifications to the knitting instructions would be fine, as long as you are not merely changing the needle size and/or yarn weight. For example, changing a garter edging to seed stitch, adding a pattern repeat, or increasing the number of stitches in a hat would all be fine.

Allena-  baby bib more stitches and extra buttonhole


Penny- I customized my adult hat pattern to make a baby/child-sized hat.

Flying –   Unknown Flyers

Craft something inspired by the Unknown Flyers of yore and yonder. Do not feel limited by the Muggles listed. Find an Unknown Flyer on your own and be inspired by their story. What about your great-great Aunt Hortensia who was married to that mad balloonist who took out half a pickle cannery trying to duplicate her flying feats? Perhaps a pickle fascinator or balloon stuffie? Dye or spin a lovely yarn to help tell us their story! The only limit is your own imagination
The list
da Vinci: Unconfirmed rumor has it that he witnessed a washerwoman’s child flying.
von Zeppelin: Created first rigid airship design.
Louis Sébastien Lenormand: First to make a verifiable parachute drop.
Pilatre de Rozier: First person to take a trip in a free-flying balloon.
Lawrence Hargrave: Creator of the box kite, added a sling to some of his kites and flew!



Penny~ planning to make up a story about a little girl, a lawn chair and helium balloons – clutching her teddy bear.The Teddy Bear that Saved Me

Herbology-   Your own Secret Magic

Option 1: combine two or more yarns (or items) to create a hidden picture or image, or pleasing color arrangement in combination (eg. shadow knitting, secret messages in hidden places, hidden pictures, optical illusions, using multiple strands of colour and/or texture to create a unique combination). Non-rav crafts will be considered on a case by case basis for this option; please pm your professor for clarification.
Option 2: spin two or more colours, fibres or objects that create a unique texture or color sequence (eg, cabled yarns, art yarns involving beads or inclusions, fractal yarn spinning)
Option 3: recycle a yarn or old sweater into a new and more worthy crafting source (pictures please, of the original item)either by re-spinning to create a multiple plied or cabled yarn, or over-dyeing your reclaimed yarn to create a more pleasing whole

Jessica~  ply my/moms lace weight handspun?!

Allena~  maybe baby quilt.- have to ask


History of Magic-    Power Animals

Option 1: Scrappy Chipmunk! Follow the wisdom of the chipmunk who makes the most of every last bit of his resources. Find a way to incorporate tiny leftovers into a project.
Option 2: Dance of the Blue-Footed Booby! Elaborate and unrestrained, the courtship displays of the blue-footed booby show us some of his wisdom. Personal presentation is important! Put your own best foot forward in the dance of life by crafting something to improve your own personal presentation.
Option 3: Embrace a Power Animal. Open yourself to nature and look for signs that a power animal is trying to make itself known to you. Craft something to either:
A: Represent this animal, or
B: Represent how you might follow the guidance this animal is trying to impart. An extensive list of power animals and their shamanistic wisdom can be found here.

All Rav crafts, as well as fabric sewing and quilting, will be accepted.
Sewing FAQ : Just follow these sewing and quilting guidelines and turn in your homework as usual:
•Projects must be started and finished within the month.
•Cutting the fabric counts as part of the crafting and also must be done within the month. Exceptions to this are bits of quilting fabric that were purchased pre-cut, or parts of purchased kits.
•You may sew by hand or machine.
•You may have any type of finished object in mind except blanket squares for this option. (Raverly craft squares are still fine.)
•The fabric can be purchased, reclaimed from old clothes or something else you can cut up, or fabric woven on a loom. Any fabric, from anywhere!
•Please remember that this is not a WIP option! If you are sewing the seams on an unfinished rav-craft project from an earlier month (such as a knit or crocheted sweater or blanket), please take that to Detention.

Jessica-  Turkey hat, using leftover stash!

Allena-  sew tote bag


Muggle Studies-    Games

Your homework assignment this month is to do extensive research on any of the Muggle games described to you and make an item representing its pieces, characters, or rules. You may choose to knit, crochet, or dye/spin yarn for this assignment.


Penny~ I’m making a Mario Transformation Hat for my son for Christmas.


Potions-   Colors

Students are to:

  1. Craft something using two colors found opposite each other on the color wheel, or using black and white.

  2. Craft something using different shades of a single color, creating something monochromatic.

  3. Craft something using a split complementary color scheme, a color and the two colors beside the color opposite the original.

Allena- Knit using this complimentary color scheme handspun.

Penny- Potions I want to make my hat for the TKGA Master Knitter Level I program – which requires 3 colors



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