Coming out the end of Hurricane Sandy: Episode 50

podcast 50

Mojo/No Mojo:

Jessica- nada

Rainbow of Awesome  partial for flying needle broke though
needle 1
My Hope (broom)

traveling afghan

Natalia’s Sweater~ Order Mission out of ASC club colorway Violets in the rain.

To spin or not to spin: 
Gradient spin.
NEWT  trying to get to 75%


fractal spin, sheatland from Nerd Girl Yarns, USS Enterprise

finished the third scarf. handed in 50% of my OWL!

Allena- fabric for a blanket for andy used my serger on it.
special order, baby rag quilt.
In which i begin cutting. #sewing #quilt

all 10 tote bags are done, and all but one are in their new home.

Allena- walking and winding yarn
Jessica- still on week 3 of C35K.

Christmas is coming lets talk about yarn/fiber clubs…  
Handpainted wool roving from Pancake and LuLu
3 month Batt Club from Jela’s Fibers
HappySheepFiber of the month 9 month club from Hares 2 Ewe Fibers
3 month Hogwarts a History fiber club… from Shadawyn Fiber Arts
Who’s Your Docotor Fiber club -3 months
Hogwarts Dueling Club– Hermione Jean Creations

Butterfly Girl Designs  BATT CLUB
Hogwarts Curriculum Fiber Club- 6 months and a Fiber of the Month Club- Younger Yarn
Loop’s “Surprise Me” Bullseye Bump Club– 3-Month Subscription (at least 5 oz. each month)
3 month Hogwarts a History fiber club… from Shadawyn Fiber Arts
blue Mtn handcrafts 12 month fiber subscription
Alina Shea Creations- yarn club
Hermione Jean Creations- Dueling yarn club

Buy Phat – anyone on the list  you can enter yourself to win The Superbox AND A Namaste Bag of your choice (up to $100) AND a Knit Kit to go inside, AND a Gift Certificate on of the contributing shops (winner’s choice) Winner is  randomly drawn from the  thread.  Each item purchased is elligiable for an entry.

Younger Yarn Fiber~ Colorwork Combo Kit, got both 🙂

Wrock Song:
Tentacle Brains – Alas! Earwax

itunes= HERE
While you’re there why not leave us or any podcast you listen to, a reveiw?
If you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out.


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