Jessica is the Nice Sister: Episode 48

podcast 48

Mojo/No Mojo:

Ood –  If anyone wants I took notes.

Trevor’s brimmed hat

10 little sweaters for Quidditch

Ankle socks for my sister
10 Snowflakes for Quidditch:

Rainbow of Awesome
My Hope (broom)
Madi’s Tomten


traveling afghan

Natalia’s Sweater~ Order Mission out of ASC club colorway Violets in the rain.

Test knit for Barbara Benson (vox8 on Ravelry)
It’s going to be released in January, so no pics except the funny one’s I’m using for class. But I can tell you it’s beautiful and crafted in sock weight Malabrigo.

Market Bag (test knit)

Jake the Dog~

Storyteller Hoodie~ History of Magic OWL in Nature Spun

Pinwheel Cardigan~Order Mission

To spin or not to spin:
Gradient spin.
NEWT 50% is turned in

BFL, nply. 90yds


Sunshine roving, 2-ply, 297.5yds

Started my third scarf!


Trish- I’m working on apillow to match a quilt I made my mom last Christmas

Allena- sewing and still more sewing… and updates OH MY!

1/4 an update
3/4ths of an update
phatfiber update
making 10 tote bags… still.. finished 2, and the top piece to the third… 7 to go.

Trish- I’m back into week 1 of C25K.
Allena- 2 times cardio kniting
Jessica- moved onto week 3 of C35K!

The Questions:
1.       When did you start reading the HP books. (audio books included)
2.       What book is your fave and why?
3.       How’d you find the HPKCHC?
4.       What is your role in HPKCHC if you have one?
5.      How’d you find us. The Weasley Sisters Podcast?
6.       How’d you get into WROCK and do you have a fave group?

Enablement!: where we talk about the new stuff we got? things we’re into
Trish- nerdgirlyarns- fiber of the month club,
This time next week I’ll be the proud owner of a fleece from Rhinebeck thanks to kims picking one out for me.

Phat Fiber box went on sale over (and sold out) the weekend and I’m featured in the 3rd video

but if you buy from anyone on the list you can enter yourself to win The Superbox AND A Namaste Bag of your choice (up to $100) AND a Knit Kit to go inside, AND a Gift Certificate on of the contributing shops (winner’s choice) Winner is  randomly drawn from the  thread. Each item purchased is elligiable for an entry.  I got my box today.
phat fiber box
Purchased from Shadawyn FiberArts Bilbo Baggins and the Shire fiber club.
Signed up for Reducio’s Dobby’s Very Harry Christmas Swap


nerdgirlyarns- fiber of the month club

SoftnShiny ladies of who, 2 shipments

we’re on Itunes (the new feed)  and we’ll have a link to that in our show notes.
while you’re there why not leave us a reveiw?
If you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out. Or if you’d like to sponsor us or send us something to review please contact us.

The potions lab.


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